Friday, June 5, 2009

Front Page News

Let's imagine for a minute you are a mom who is at home with the kids all day and you live in the small town with nothing to do. You get out the morning paper and see GREAT news. A new splash park was assembled and you have been waiting for it to be done so you could take your kids to do something fun without having to drive 40 minutes away. It's on the front page. It's FINALLY open. So the next day you pack the kids in the car, sunscreen on, bathing suits on, food ready to go, towels, camera. You get there and unpack everything. Kids in the stroller, towels in hands, kids getting impatiently excited. You start to walk over to the splash area and it's FREAKING CLOSED! No where in the paper did it mention that it was open but was going to be closed the next two days for something...who knows what. This was our Friday last week. We were with our friends so we just decided to go over to my house and play in the sprinklers out side. It turned out to be fun but no where NEAR how fun the splash park would have been.

I decided to take a million pictures of my friends kids. I got GREAT pictures and I was so excited. I will post a few for ya. By the way, we finally made it to the splash park yesterday and it was a blast...

The splash pad was yesterday. Tyler drove me nuts at first because he wanted me to be holding his hand in the water with him. I kept telling him, "Just go play!" The first 30 to 40 minutes his hair didn't even really get wet but then he decided to go for it and by the end he was drenched. It was so funny because when we go in the water I always put pull ups on him because they don't seem to blow up in water quite like diapers do. We only have pink princess pull ups that were given to us. It wasn't a big deal until his pants got wet and started sagging, revealing his PINK pull up. My kid is so gonna get beat up in Elementary school! haha

Good times. Here are some more we took. Again, some of my friends kids too because they are just so darn cute. :)

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