Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So I have gone bow crazy and I haven't even used half of my ribbon! haha I have made a black head band too. I wanted to post what I have made so far. I am also working on one right now that is only half done. I am making a ladybug. Any ways...here is what I have done so far...

My owl ribbon

The actual bow

The back, you can see the clip I covered

The bow on a head band

On my cute girl!

My cheetah ribbon!

Matching bows

The back side on an alligator clip


The head band and other cheetah bow I made! This bow is also on an alligator clip and comes off. The head band is just nylons you cut and sew together and then glue a looped ribbon onto it so you can clip the bow on. It makes them changeable and I LOVE that about them


So that's it for tonight...I am so mad because I heard a thud on the baby monitor and went to peek on Tyler and he is STILL awake! It's freaking 11! I bet we have a great day tomorrow....


Crystal said...

Wow, look at you go! I am impressed!!!!

kailiaelf said...

Those are great! And Kayla is such a wonderful model for you. I hope Tyler doesn't give you to much of a problem. Also, I LOVE the big main picture of him that you have at the top of your blog. Why is he so sad???

One Precious Life said...

Dang you are so crafty.The cheetah ones are so cute.You could so sell these online.