Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Love You Papa and Nana

Papa and Nana came to visit us last Wednesday and just went on their way yesterday morning. It was such a nice visit. We had so much fun and got to spend lots of time with them. I took between 400 and 500 pictures so bare with me while I post a BUNCH. It's all I can do to keep most of the days straight and to remember what went on. I'll go day by day. That will make it easier but there really are a TON of pictures I am going to post.

The first night we stayed up WAY too late playing! Tyler wasn't in bed until almost 11 but he was having so much fun with Papa and Nana that I didn't want to make him go to bed. The next day he was a little grouchy from the lack of sleep. We went to McDonald's and ate and played along with Madison. Then Nana bought them new clothes at Walmart! Tyler is very excited about his new big boy underwear she got him ( but we have yet to use them...figures...) Then we had naps, made pizza and had baths. Tyler played blocks with grandpa while Kayla had a bath.

Then later Tyler cuddled with grandpa on the couch! I love this picture I got of them together

I love their little hands locked together!

I also got some of Kayla and grandma hanging out on the couch. I love the one of Kayla holding her watch. I call it, "Give me the watch and no one gets hurt!"

The next day we went to chuck-e-cheese, Pizza and the dollar store. Then we made cup cakes, jumped on the trampoline and had Popsicle. Oh and NO naps! It was a long day. Ty through a HUGE fit while getting pizza.....grrrrrr

Chuck-e-cheese pictures

Playing on my bed before we went out side to jump!

Jumping on the trampoline! haha They are silly

Then I got this picture that I really LOVE of an old bracelet that has been in my back yard since my sister in law lived here! haha It looked so cool on the cement block and I just loved the color contrast.

Then we took Kayla's clothes off of her and took a million pictures of her outside in the sun.

I just noticed two things....One, I found more trampoline pictures and TWO, I already messed up the days! haah The trampoline was actually the next day, but oh well...

The next day we went to Chili's for lunch and then did some shopping. This was when I bought all the ribbon. Then we came back to my house and jumped on the trampoline. So it was TWO days is a row of no naps and lots of running around. I should have known Ty would be a mess at church the next day. Here is a cute picture I got of Ty taking his Saturday night bath!

Sunday we went to church, the kids had naps and the adults hung out. We were ALL really tired Sunday. Stacie made dinner and we just ate and goofed off. Then the next day we went to Walmart, got more pizza and then played at Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kurt's house. They got to play in the water and Tyler was kind of a grumpy butt the whole time we were there. That is where the picture of him pouting on our header is
from. He was whining about something and I just snapped some pictures of it! haha

I actually took some other funny ones of him pouting but to save time and since I have SO many others still to post, I'll spare you. Here are some cute ones of Kayla! Her bathing suit I got at the dollar store people and it is the cutest freaking thing ever! I got the hat there too!

Here is some of the kids together

Here are a few of me and the kids

Here are a picture of Tyler's feet

I do the SAME thing all the time and so does Kayla. I guess it runs in the family and apparently so does this...

HAHA I swear...Kayla keeps chewin gon her feet too now that she has found them. Okay, I have a couple more and these next two are great because Kayla was sitting right on the sprinkler part of the pool where water shoots out and if you look closely it looks like she is peeing and I of course think it's hysterical!

At some point Tyler's diaper exploded and I put his new Walle under wear on him but the swim shorts didn't make it back on. I thought this was funny too. I have a close up of his butt that I am NOT going to post for obvious reasons but it is so cute. Oh and a funny really quick while we are on the subject. The last time we went swimming at Stacie's house the same thing happened. At one point the diaper came off but that time I didn;t bring underwear. I just put his swim trunks back on and told him that if he needed to pee, go in the grass. All of the sudden Tyler got out of the pool, focused for a second and then exclaimed, "I did it!" He had peed in the grass. I guess I just need to lock him outside for a couple of days with some underwear and maybe he would potty train. So any ways, when we were getting ready to go to Stacies to swim he said, "Mom can I poop in Aunt Stacie's grass?!" hahaha He gets pee and poop mixed up! I thought it was so funny.

And just a couple more...

And finally...we went inside

So that was the end of this day! Which was Monday. The next day Papa and Nana headed out to go to Kentucky to see Kade and Em. We said our goodbyes...but first Ty stole grandpa's shoes!

We will miss you guys! Tyler already mentioned to me at LEAST 5 times yesterday that he misses you!

Goodbye Papa and Nana

Oh and check out my new Owl pillow Stacie bought me ( it was Stacie's birthday on Friday but some how I got a present from her! haha Crazy Stacie! )

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