Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cuddle Bug

Kayla absolutely LOVES when Daddy gets home from work.  The last week or so her and daddy have been playing on the bed together.   Some times for 5 minutes and sometimes they are in the room for half an hour or so.  She loves it.  She is a very playful girl and she LOVES to cuddle.  She has been loving her thumb lately too.  She is also a little stinker.  I call her that so much that she has started to call herself a stinker.  She'll throw something and then when I look at her she'll say, "Stinker"  She has decided she doesn't like to have her hair brushed any more OR her teeth.  Momma's not having that.  I consider certain things non-negotiable.  Brushing teeth has to be done no matter if I have to pin her down on the ground while she kicks and screams and tries to get away ( which she just did at nap time. )  Brushing her hair is something I consider to be super important too.  I am not gonna let it slide.  The other day she got out of the bath and her hair was every where and super tangled.  I had to wrap my legs around her to get her hair brushed.  BOOOO  Hopefully this too shall pass.  She reaches are terrible two's officially on Saturday but I am pretty sure un-officially reached them months ago!

Bath Time

We had fun in the bath tub the other night.  Sometimes bath time is a horrib;e because Tyler wants the toys Kayla has and Kayla constantly tries to drink the bath water and steal Tyler's cup.  Sometimes they play and have fun but usually they just get in each others way.  Here are some photos

Notice in the one picture Kayla sucking the water off of her hands...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Fun Day

We ventured out and found the playground here.  Let me explain something about where we live.  We live in a golf course community.  We pay a association fee ( well we actually don't pay's in our rent ) and they have a club house and what not that you have to have ID cards to use.  The same goes for the play grounds.  NO JOKE.  While we were playing a security guard came and asked me for my ID card and then wrote down my ID card number on a clip board.  CRAZY  but check out how pretty the park was

We had lots of fun.  I was having fun taking pictures of Kayla so I have a LOT of her.  Her hair was so red today and I was trying to capture that.  She is a hard one to get pictures of but Tyler is worse lately.  A couple of times lately he has said, "Mom, don't take pictures of me please."


Check out Kayla's red hair in this one!

She LOVED the sand

She loved it so much that she decided to make sand angles...then Tyler joined her

Here are so cute ones I got of Kayla playing

I love the next couple ( she looks special haha )

AND I am so happy because I got some good pictures of Kayla and Tyler TOGETHER and they actually look like they like each other too!  YIPPE

And I love at the bottom of the Beach Rules what it says


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yeah I still don't have pictures ready for the blog.  BOOOOOO  Things have been busy just doing stuff at home around the house and what not.  Yesterday we had our first play date.  It was nice for the kids to run around and play with someone.  They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is the only picture I have for you guys tonight.  It is RIGHT around the corner from us.  I took the picture on our way home from church because the sunsets so freaking early here it is almost totally dark by the time we get home.  We were really depressed when we found out that church didn't start until 1:30.  It is gonna take some getting used to but I am happy to report that both kids went to Primary and nursery perfectly fine.  It was wonderful.  In fact, Tyler just before bed time asked us if it was gonna be Sunday again soon because he really liked Primary.

Hopefully I'll have more updates soon.  My baby girl turns 2 soon....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NEVER Been Happier to Do Laundry

We have been without the washer and dryer since the two days before we moved.  YUP!  It has been rough.  I made Cody go to the laundry mat one time to do some sheets and towels.  The plumber just left and I can now do laundry again!  WOO HOO  You have no idea how happy this makes me.  :)

I also got some seriously unpacking and cleaning done yesterday.  Which meant I felt comfortable enough to take some pictures.  heehee  It was so messy before that there was no way I was gonna post pictures of it.  Now keep in mind come friday ( which can't get here quick enough ) we will have a table, chairs, couch and giant ottoman so more pictures will be taken and posted then.

This is our living room.  WHY is it still turning my pictures side ways!?!?!  Grrrrr

Any ways.....

here is Kayla's room.  We don't have a bed for her yet so my parents let us borrow their toddler bed.  Hopefully I can find a bed for Kayla in the next couple of weeks.  :)   She has a HUGE closet for it being such a average size room.

bad picture I know but it is almost impossible to get a good picture of a closet...

Tyler's room

here is the bathroom between Tyler and Kayla's room because we have TWO now!  haha

And this is the front door.  I took this picture so you could see the cute arches the lead to the hall way.  Also I LOVE that it is tile right in front of the door and on the other side there is a COAT CLOSET!  Never had one of those before but you have NO idea how happy that makes me.  This means I have some where to put our shoes, my purses and the vacuum!  Before they were always in the living room and it was so annoying.  Sorry the pictures are all turned.  I seriously think it is my dumb lap top because I spent the morning posting two new blogs on my photography blog from my MAC and it didn't turn one single picture.  Booooo

And now, I am off to do a thousand loads of laundry and I am actually happy about it.  :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The first thing I was gonna blog about in my last post I forgot to do.  We had a last play date with our good friends at a the pizza place we loved to go to ( you know the one I was angry with for a while! haha )

Check out the cute picture Sarah got of the kids before we parted ways

I LOVE that Colin and Tyler have the same look on their face!  I also love that Julia is holding the purse I made her for her birthday last April.  It was an old baby outfit of hers that Sarah gave me because she knew I could do something creative with it.  So I turned it into a purse!  I think it turned out really cute and I am glad Julia enjoys it still.  We are gonna miss these play dates a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Quickie

I have NOT had time to blog and am still using the internet from my phone ( and we don't have ANY WHERE to sit other then the floor or our bed ) SOOOOO I haven't been able to blog.  I have wanted to VERY badly but just haven't been able to swing it.  The house is nice.  We like it a lot and there were things about it that make me SO happy.  Like all the storage space PLUS garage.  EEEEEEEEEEE  But let's go back a little to the days before the move...

This is Tyler crying by the front door telling us he was NOT moving...

This is Kayla and Tyler on the porch right before we got in my car to leave!

And here is what I got to stair at the WHOLE second day while driving

The third day there was LOTS of snow in the morning and it was really pretty.  It nearly killed me to be driving because that meant I couldn't take pictures out of the window

And then we got to the house ( and I am mad because I forgot to take pictures of the house empty! )

We are here but have no furniture except our two ottomans. 

Tyler and Kayla were SO happy because Grandma and Grandpa met us here and helped move us in and keep the kids entertained! 

And Tyler is finding LOTS of awesome places to put his "guys"

We have a AWESOMELY HUGE couch with an equally HUGE ottoman, a table and chairs being delivered on Friday.  we can't wait because I am so sick of standing!!!  I also can't wait to take pictures of a couple of the rooms and post them.  I am crossing my fingers that now we can get our dryer hooked up so I can do laundry and the internet.  We got direct TV today the kids are ecstatic.  No if only we could have clean clothes...