Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The first thing I was gonna blog about in my last post I forgot to do.  We had a last play date with our good friends at a the pizza place we loved to go to ( you know the one I was angry with for a while! haha )

Check out the cute picture Sarah got of the kids before we parted ways

I LOVE that Colin and Tyler have the same look on their face!  I also love that Julia is holding the purse I made her for her birthday last April.  It was an old baby outfit of hers that Sarah gave me because she knew I could do something creative with it.  So I turned it into a purse!  I think it turned out really cute and I am glad Julia enjoys it still.  We are gonna miss these play dates a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kristy Lou said...

It's a way cute picture! Love the matching look on the boys faces, Kayla's bangs are the perfect length in that picture, and the purse is really cute!!