Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NEVER Been Happier to Do Laundry

We have been without the washer and dryer since the two days before we moved.  YUP!  It has been rough.  I made Cody go to the laundry mat one time to do some sheets and towels.  The plumber just left and I can now do laundry again!  WOO HOO  You have no idea how happy this makes me.  :)

I also got some seriously unpacking and cleaning done yesterday.  Which meant I felt comfortable enough to take some pictures.  heehee  It was so messy before that there was no way I was gonna post pictures of it.  Now keep in mind come friday ( which can't get here quick enough ) we will have a table, chairs, couch and giant ottoman so more pictures will be taken and posted then.

This is our living room.  WHY is it still turning my pictures side ways!?!?!  Grrrrr

Any ways.....

here is Kayla's room.  We don't have a bed for her yet so my parents let us borrow their toddler bed.  Hopefully I can find a bed for Kayla in the next couple of weeks.  :)   She has a HUGE closet for it being such a average size room.

bad picture I know but it is almost impossible to get a good picture of a closet...

Tyler's room

here is the bathroom between Tyler and Kayla's room because we have TWO now!  haha

And this is the front door.  I took this picture so you could see the cute arches the lead to the hall way.  Also I LOVE that it is tile right in front of the door and on the other side there is a COAT CLOSET!  Never had one of those before but you have NO idea how happy that makes me.  This means I have some where to put our shoes, my purses and the vacuum!  Before they were always in the living room and it was so annoying.  Sorry the pictures are all turned.  I seriously think it is my dumb lap top because I spent the morning posting two new blogs on my photography blog from my MAC and it didn't turn one single picture.  Booooo

And now, I am off to do a thousand loads of laundry and I am actually happy about it.  :)


Kim and Ender said...

Wow the place looks huge. Really cute.

Kristy Lou said...

Looks good. Should be a fun place to call home for the next bit.

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

I love your house, too! It looks so nice. You've unpacked so much already. You're awesome. I bet the kids love their big living room.

One Precious Life said...

Where in Cali are you? I know exactly what you mean about laundry. My apt doesnt have hookups so we have to go to a laundrymat every week. Totally sucks especially with the baby.