Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Fun Day

We ventured out and found the playground here.  Let me explain something about where we live.  We live in a golf course community.  We pay a association fee ( well we actually don't pay it...it's in our rent ) and they have a club house and what not that you have to have ID cards to use.  The same goes for the play grounds.  NO JOKE.  While we were playing a security guard came and asked me for my ID card and then wrote down my ID card number on a clip board.  CRAZY  but check out how pretty the park was

We had lots of fun.  I was having fun taking pictures of Kayla so I have a LOT of her.  Her hair was so red today and I was trying to capture that.  She is a hard one to get pictures of but Tyler is worse lately.  A couple of times lately he has said, "Mom, don't take pictures of me please."


Check out Kayla's red hair in this one!

She LOVED the sand

She loved it so much that she decided to make sand angles...then Tyler joined her

Here are so cute ones I got of Kayla playing

I love the next couple ( she looks special haha )

AND I am so happy because I got some good pictures of Kayla and Tyler TOGETHER and they actually look like they like each other too!  YIPPE

And I love at the bottom of the Beach Rules what it says



Kim and Ender said...

That last pic of the two of them is so cute.

Kade and Emily said...

Cherish the pictures of you kids together. I only have one picture of proof that my girls can be within two feet of eachother and not fighting.
watch out for that swimmers itch!