Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2013

We spent Christmas in Utah.  It was fun but a quick trip.  We went up on a Friday and came home on a Tuesday.  While we were there we had a couple of adventures.  Aunt Kimmie and Mommy got to go thrift store shopping and got TONS of awesome stuff.  Seriously.  Combined we spent 43 bucks and got like 5 skirts, a dress, 3 belts, shoes, 10 shirts ( some of which were nice sweaters ) a sweater for Kayla and a shirt for Tyler.  It was fabulous!!

Mommy and Daddy also got to go on a date which was also fabulous.  We don't get to do that much and we didn't have to be back in time to put the kids to bed which was even better.  We went to dinner, shopping, the movies and then some Christmas shopping.  I have never been to Walmart much passed 10 and I couldn't believe how many kids were still there that late at night.  Especially since Sunday was the next day and I knew a lot of people were getting up early and going to church.  We went to church with my parents but we only stayed for the first part.  Then we went to the duck pond to take some family pictures.  Kimmie and Jacob came and got some pictures taken too.

This is the BOY picture as Tyler called it 

Here is the grandkids picture

Father and son picture

Daddy and kids

All 4 of us ( kayla is THRILLED to be part of four family )

Kim and I ( Tyler actually took these next 2 pictures for us )  We are both sporting shirts we got at the thrift store the day before :)  Don't worry we washed them first!!

Kimmie and Jacob

Mommy and Daddy

Then Aunt Kimmie and Jacob had to leave and Kayla got mad because she was NOT done taking pictures so we set up camera on a bench and set the timer and took some more!  Here are some I got of Kayla

And Tyler

And our BEST family one we got

After this we went back to grandma and grandpa's and hung out.  We played games and helped cook.  Then that night we decided to walk down to the Temple and see the CHristmas lights.  It was REALLY cold but it was fun.  

Kayla pole dances even at the Temple...

She LOVES her brother!!

My little poser

Jacob was SUPER sad to have to leave after this.  My parents live 3 blocks from the Temple so we just walked and he cried almost most of the way home.  I couldn't resist taking his picture because even sad kids are so cute when they are wearing a sock monkey hat!

Then next day we decided to go shopping and then go to Cedar City to play in the snow.  Tyler had been complaining the entire time we were at Utah that his neck hurt.  One day he seemed to not be feeling good and was running a slight fever.  Well as we got to Cedar City we decided to get some ice cream at Dairy Queen and all of the sudden Cody's eyes got big because he spotted Tyler's neck.  He had a HUGE lump!  WE freaked out of course and it was super sucky because we didn't have insurance.  BOOOOOOOOO  We went ahead and played in the snow first and then headed to urgent care.  You know, you gotta have those priorities straight.  Here we are at Papa and Nana's house even though they were in Texas having fun.

I caught this snow ball mid flight

This snow ball too!  Daddy got a snow ball right in the booty!

Oh now he is coming to get me!

I love the look on her face in this one.  Throwing snow balls is FUN!

Building the snow man

Making snow angels

Here's Tyler's

And here's Kayla's

Then we went across the street to the play ground to run around and throw more snow

We set my camera on the jungle gym and took a family picture.  I gotta get in the pictures when I can

Then it started snowing kinda hard.  Way to hard for kids ( especially a sick one ) to be playing in

We ran back to Papa and Nana's to take a picture of the kids in front of the snow man.  Then we ran to urgent care before they closed and found out Tyler was going to die.....not really.  He just had strep throat and his glands were very swollen.  We grabbed some medicine at Walgreens and were on our way.  It was TONS of fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves in the snow.  We got home in time to open up an early Christmas present ( which is the same ever year )  

Pajama's to wear to sleep and to be in on Christmas morning while opening presents!  Jacob thought it would be funny to show me his bum in this picture.  Silly Jacob!

The kids had a blast this night doing Just Dance video's on youtube.  My dad took a bunch of video clips.  I wish I had one to put on here because they were pretty funny.  The kids had a ball dancing while I was baking in the kitchen.  I made sugar cookies and cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  We put the kids to bed and then wrapped presents like crazy.  I also had some crochet projects to finish because I made a million hats for Christmas.  Mom helped me finish the ones I made for the kids.

The next morning

What Tyler REALLY wanted for Christmas

A Hello Kitty hat

Jacob got Just Dance 4 for the X Box which believe it or not he LOVES and is super good at

Kayla had been BEGGING for Pop the Pig!

For as long as I can remember Tyler has wanted rain boots so we got them both rain boots for CHristmas.  It's the little things

This is Tyler's, "Um....its weird that you got me underwear for CHristmas" picture

Their stockings before opening them.  My mom makes all of our stockings.  :)  And that was our Christmas.