Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snowy Day

We had a snow day on Tuesday. It was so much fun! Kayla was taking her nap while we played out side so she missed it but I don't think she would have liked it any ways! haha It was funny because Tyler kept dancing and making snow angels and Madison kept eating the snow, rubbing it on her face and crashing into the snow as hard as she can! Also it would have been the kids dance class but they had canceled it so we had them practice for a minute in the snow

Then we had the playing

A snow man ( He was a Texan so we gave him a cowboy hat )

Some kissing

And some up close pictures

And we finished it up with some hot cocoa

And for those interested, I left Aunt Stacie with the kids for an hour and went out and took a bunch of pictures of the snow here in town. I love how most of them turned out. rather then bore you with them here, I posted about 30 of them on my photography blog HERE Check them out if you are interested

For those feeling sorry Miss Kayla who missed all the fun, don't worry because when she got up from her nap mommy gave her chocolate pudding for the first time.

and she went CRAZY for it! haha

Yup, next time she is getting the sugar free!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

THIS was my day

Well, my girl can walk now. I know I have already said that. If you have been in my living room you know that the living room goes from ground level, to the kitchen which is rasied like the rest of my house. In other words, there is 3 steps from the living room to the kitchen. There is also a banister which makes it almost impossible to child proof because there is no where to put up a child gate since on one side of the stairs is a wall and then other side is a banister. My solution for this was putting the pack and play across the living room and then blocking it off again with a big standing toy. It has worked....It has been rough, but it has worked. The last couple of weeks with the walking it has turned from "working" to "hazardous". She TRIES SO HARD to climb over it and everything and she kept getting stuck. Either that or she sneaks past and I am not payign attention and then she gets into something or hurts herself by falling down the stairs. Good thing it is only THREE! Last night in her attempt to get passed the toy in her way she found the lamp...and the plug. Then she unplugged it and tried to plug it back in all before I could run to her and grabbed it away. SO after the kids went to bed I started re-arranging the furniture. My "child proofing" is no longer. Now she has full range. I KNEW this would mean LOTS OF WORK for me for the next week or so. I KNEW it was goign to be a rough day today. I KNEW she would climb the stairs over and over and over and possibly fall down them a couple of times. Knowing all this still didn't prepare me for just how CRAZY she got. She climbed on EVERYTHING!

First, she tried to reach the TV, which is a daily occurrence. THEN

She stole my chair OVER and OVER again! She has never done that. Which also meant that she was getting the remote cause I always put it up on the arm. Then she went in the hall way for a while and tried to climb inside of the toy holder. I took pictures of her from two different angels so you could see exactly what this involved.

Sheesh! And she was drinking her bottle while getting into everything. And finally, I went to throw the trash out and came back to her sitting ON TOP of Tyler's Elmo table!

I think she is trying to give me a heart attack. Either that or she just REALLY wants to make me cry. THEN after all of this ( and I am only telling you about half of it...I didn't include her getting into the trash every two seconds and her trying to start the dish washer in between that ) Tyler was being good thank goodness or I think I would have cried at some point today. He had gas though and I kept asking him ALL day if he had to go to the bathroom and he kept saying NO. Well, at 7:40 which is when we get ready for bed, I came in the living room and he was standing up which is different for him and I smelled something.
"Tyler, did you poop in your pants? Why are you standing up?"
"I'm just standing and watching Blue's Clues" and I believed him and went in the other room for a minute. I came back and felt his bum and HE HAD POOPED! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH They are gonna drive me to drink I swear! haha But look how cute he was sitting on the floor playing with his blocks an hour before

Good thing they are so darn cute

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


How the HECK do I change the picture for my blog? Like the little one that shows up when I leave comments on people's blog. Found it and changed it like 9 months ago and now I can't figure out how to do it again. Help a sista out please!

And now some cuteness from my kids

Tyler bought a bow tie from the thrift store and loved it! He was wearing a guitar shirt I made him and the two together were pretty darn funny

And here he is right before church

And here is my WALKING girl! I love these pictures because her shirt was tight and you can see her huge baby belly! haha I LOVE IT!

And here is Kayla's new trick...she thinks standing on ANYTHING makes her taller

I thought I had more pictures of her standing on random small things shrunk down to post but I don't so that will be another blog to come. One more pictures for tonight

Reading with daddy!

Can't get much better then that!


This is my six hundredth post! WOW I was saving it for something exciting. I didn't want to waste my 600th post on something lame or non-entertaining. WELL, something happened that I think is highly amusing and hopefully Cody doesn't kill me for posting this. He should know by now that I post about anything and everything so hopefully he won't be surprised when he reads this.

I will warn you that this might not be suitable for audiences under the age of 12! ( Even though it involves a 4 year old ) Also, anyone in MY family who knows my parents will understand it when I say, I felt like my parents when this happened!

Tyler is a typical 4 year old who doesn't want to stop playing or watching his favorite show to run to go to the bathroom. Sometimes we still have accidents. Usually it is just a little dizzle of pee and he stops it, runs to the bathroom and we escape with just a little in his underpants. Sometimes, a little gets on our jeans. But now that he is fully potty trained ( for the day time at least ) that is usually an "accident". Well Monday night Cody and I were trying to get him ready for his trip. We always have a bunch of things we need to do last minute. I had made pizza and Tyler had eaten, Cody had eaten and Kayla and I were still nibbling. I noticed Tyler was dancing a little in the living room. Not his normal dancing but the pee pee dance. Trying to play it off like he was fine he told me "NO" when I asked him if he had to go potty. Typical. So Cody says he needs to go to the bathroom but he waits a minute to see if Tyler changes his mind. Kayla was constipated and had been trying to poop for an hour! Poor girl. Her tummy doesn't like whole milk. The second she switched she started having trouble pooping. Any ways. Cody decided he had waited long enough and went to the bathroom. The second he walked away and closed the door I noticed a smell and was so happy Kayla finally pooped! I waited like 10 minutes because she was still eating and I wanted to be sure she was done. While I waited I went into the living room and Tyler was playing with some of his toys. He said his toys were going potty. Then he said Woody had poop on his foot. Hmmmm "Oh no, you better clean him off then Tyler." Then it was "Oh no, Woody got poop on my hand!" I started to get suspicious now. I went and grabbed Kayla and went to change her diaper and she was dry. Hmmmmmmmm Tyler is now laying on the floor with his butt up in the air. "Tyler are you okay? Whats wrong" I ask him.
"I'm fine."
"Are you tired?"
"Yeah I'm really tired." Then I saw his pants are wet. About this time Cody comes out of the bathroom. I go to move Tyler to his back so I can get his wet pants and underpants off and realize he had POOPED! Not just any poop but runny ALL over both his legs AND on the rug. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So I carried him ( wrapped in a towel ) to the bathroom. Cody works on the rug while I work on Tyler. I threw him in the bath tub and scrubbed him off. Then I drained the water and was going to bath him again. The bath tub needed to be scrubbed though and I didn't have the time. I decided to just give him a shower. Normally daddy does that but he was scrubbing the carpet. So we both stripped down and got in the shower. I was cleaning him off and out of no where I look down and he is reaching up to my chest. He was just about to touch my boob and I grabbed his hand and said, "No, we don't do that." And what do you think his response was?!?
"I'm doing it just like daddy!"

I wanted to laugh out loud REALLY bad but KNEW I would really be in trouble then. So we got out of the shower and Cody came and put clothes on him. I told Cody about it later and his face went blank when I told him, "I'm doing it just like daddy!" then he said, "Dang, I thought I was being way more slick then that!" HAHAHA "Apparently not so no more touching me while Tyler is awake!"

Good times. And that is my 600th post! For those who got through all the poop talk you got the reward of hearing the punch line. I have more post to come if my kids will allow me. It snowed ALL day here yesterday and I got to take pictures at our park and of Madison and Tyler playing and making a snow man out side. It was a good day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Terrible Ones????

My little angel has learned to walk....and throw tantrums and well.....DRIVE ME CRAZY! But look how darn cute she is

This is what I call Kayla's dog face. Do you remember that froma couple of blog post ago with Tyler. It's from the movie Bolt. Well this was Kayla begging for ice cream from daddy!

And check out my kids cuddling with daddy after over a month without him

And check out Kayla's hair at night right before bed time.

She LOVES her TV at night right before bed. She tries to climb up to be with the TV. :) But in all seriousness Kayla is driving me CRAZY! She throws fits now all the time. I pick her up and she arches her back. If I don't put her down, then she kicks her legs up and down to try and get me to drop her. She is into everything. She is so tiny that she can get INTO or OUT of anything. Shopping has become a chore. She threw up ALLLLLLLLLLL over her car seat the other day and it smelled so awful that we decided to just buy her a new one. She was in her infant one and needed a new one sometime any ways. The bad news for me is that now I can't keep her in her car seat when we do things like, go shopping. Today we went to Walmart and I strapped her into the cart and its was a fight the whole time to keep her in it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love her and she is the cutest freaking thing ever but OH MY is she TESTING me!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Pictures!

Happy Valentines Day Y'all!