Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Terrible Ones????

My little angel has learned to walk....and throw tantrums and well.....DRIVE ME CRAZY! But look how darn cute she is

This is what I call Kayla's dog face. Do you remember that froma couple of blog post ago with Tyler. It's from the movie Bolt. Well this was Kayla begging for ice cream from daddy!

And check out my kids cuddling with daddy after over a month without him

And check out Kayla's hair at night right before bed time.

She LOVES her TV at night right before bed. She tries to climb up to be with the TV. :) But in all seriousness Kayla is driving me CRAZY! She throws fits now all the time. I pick her up and she arches her back. If I don't put her down, then she kicks her legs up and down to try and get me to drop her. She is into everything. She is so tiny that she can get INTO or OUT of anything. Shopping has become a chore. She threw up ALLLLLLLLLLL over her car seat the other day and it smelled so awful that we decided to just buy her a new one. She was in her infant one and needed a new one sometime any ways. The bad news for me is that now I can't keep her in her car seat when we do things like, go shopping. Today we went to Walmart and I strapped her into the cart and its was a fight the whole time to keep her in it. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love her and she is the cutest freaking thing ever but OH MY is she TESTING me!!!!

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Fultmeyer Clan said...

Oh hang in there! Forrest is trying his hand at the temper tantrum thing too. Is this normal? Seems a bit young! I don't like it!