Wednesday, February 24, 2010


How the HECK do I change the picture for my blog? Like the little one that shows up when I leave comments on people's blog. Found it and changed it like 9 months ago and now I can't figure out how to do it again. Help a sista out please!

And now some cuteness from my kids

Tyler bought a bow tie from the thrift store and loved it! He was wearing a guitar shirt I made him and the two together were pretty darn funny

And here he is right before church

And here is my WALKING girl! I love these pictures because her shirt was tight and you can see her huge baby belly! haha I LOVE IT!

And here is Kayla's new trick...she thinks standing on ANYTHING makes her taller

I thought I had more pictures of her standing on random small things shrunk down to post but I don't so that will be another blog to come. One more pictures for tonight

Reading with daddy!

Can't get much better then that!


kailiaelf said...

When you are on your dashboard, there is a picture and next to it it says View Profile, Edit Profile, Edit Picture and something else. It's the edit picture one. Good luck!

~Crystal~ said...