Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Quickie

So Tyler says really funny random things ALL the time and I always say to myself, "Man I need to write that down" but then I forget and can't remember what he said. The other day we were talking about a movie or something and Tyler said to me, "We watched that at grandma and grandpas house when we were there." I didn't remember that and if it is something I think he is making up then I try to not just go along with it. I can't remember what I said but I said something like, "Um, okay..." or something like that and he said to me, "You know mom, your parents." I started laughing and said, "Yeah I KNOW who grandma and grandpa are Tyler!" Cracked me UP!

Then today we were enjoying some pizza at lunch time...well, I was enjoying it since Tyler won't eat pizza and he asked me a question. I wasn't sure what the answer was. I had to think about it. I am NOT to proud to tell him I don't know something. I think that is a million times better then just making something up and lying to him ( I hate when parents lie to their kids!!! ) so a lot of times I tell him, "I'm not sure but maybe daddy knows." To which he usually replies, "Yeah we can ask daddy." I guess my pause gave him the impression that I didn't know and so after I answered him, with the RIGHT answer I might add, he looks at me and says, "I don't know, maybe we should ask daddy! Yeah, let's call daddy and ask him!" haha That's my boy, thinking his mommy is always wrong. He is really into letters lately. Spelling, writing, rhyming, anything really and he spelled a word and said it was BEAK. It was wrong and he asked me how to spell it and I TOTALLY spelled it to him wrong! haha I said BEEK DOH! Good thing Aunt Stacie was there to laugh at me, correct me and then laugh at me some more. I will admit I am the WORSE speller ever! I hope Tyler doesn't get that from me.... That is one of my worse fears as a mother and sometimes a teacher at church. I don't want to give him a wrong answer and have him think that is what the truth is. Like on the WIggles.....damn those Wiggles....Tyler thinks his left is his right and his right is his left and argues with me about it because when the Wiggles say LEFT and hold up THEIR left hand, it is TYLERS RIGHT HAND since they are facing him! DRIVES ME NUTS! I don't get it because MOST work out videos will do the left side and SAY YOUR RIGHT so that you are going the same way. Why can't the Wiggles be smart enough to do that for a KIDS SHOW! I am NEVER gonna convince him that his guitar is SUPPOSED to face the opposite direction because he tells me, "No Mom, see how Murray's guitar is? Mine is RIGHT!" Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Allison said...

Oh Katie, I am sorry to give you a glimpse into the future, but here it is. It doesn't get better it only gets worse. Pretty soon, you will NEVER be right or on the same page. You just get dumber as they get smarter. Sorry.