Friday, January 29, 2010

One Year

Today is my girls 1st birthday. I can't even believe that it was a whole year ago that I held her in my arms for the very first time! Kayla I love you always and forever.

All my pictures from her first year of life are on my external hard drive from when my computer crashed SO hopefully sometime tomorrow or the next day I can get some pictures up here. I had been wanting to do one of Tyler too since on his birthday I didn't do one for him either but I really wanted to. I have really slacked off in the land of blogging. In fact, I forgot to write something about our Christmas that happened. We got in the car to go look at Christmas lights set up in the park. It was REALLY cold and we were trying to get into the car fast. Kayla was being extra wiggly and I was having a hard time getting her strapped into her car seat. We get about 5 blocks away from our house ( only going 30 MPH ) and Tyler starts laughing hysterically. I ask him, "Tyler whats so funny?" He says, "She's standing." I have no clue what he is talking about. "What?" "Kayla is standing in her car seat" I turn around and apparently I strapped Kayla's CARSEAT into the CAR but forgot to strap KAYLA into her CARSEAT! I about had a heart attack. I grabbed her and made Cody pull over RIGHT there so I could strap her in. And the mothero f the year award ( just in the nick of time...since it was almost 2010 at this point ) goes to me AGAIN! Poor Kayla. She fell off the couch when she was two months old, she pulled the lap top on top of her face and now her mommy forgot to secure her to her car seat. BOOOOOOOOOOOO Now I strap her into her car seat IN the house and carry her out. It works out much better!


Fultmeyer Clan said...

Happy Birthday Kayla! You are a cutie! Hope you can meet Forrest one day!

~Crystal~ said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Kade and Emily said...

Happy B-day, Kayla!