Monday, January 18, 2010


We had a play date several weeks ago with some friends of ours from church. I took pictures of the kids playing on the trampoline and of Kayla and Josh sitting on the swing together. We also had a little b-day party for Tyler I never posted pictures of. So here are the ones I have been meaning to post

Blowing out the candles

Opening presents

The gang! And a family picture gone wrong haha

And now the play date

These two pictures crack me up. I told Tyler to put his arm around and I took a picture and then they fell back and I had to take another pictures because it looked like they were cuddling. HAHA Poor Tyler has so many black mail pictures I can used against him someday

Josh crawled under the trampoline. He thought it was pretty funny. Here are some of the ones I got of Kayla.

I just realized that I forgot to post pictures from Tyler's dance class. A week or two before Christmas they had a special class where the parents could take pictures are stuff. Unfortunately for me the sun was glaring right in Tyler's face. But I got a couple of pictures.


Kristy Lou said...

I love that Kayla is looking right at the camera in the family pic gone wrong.... but in the good on she's not, and then in the group picture from Ty's party it looks like Madison is getting felt up.

Roundy Clan said...

It was funny because When Madison and Clark used to hold hands during primary all the time and now that they are a little older they don't. Well, at Tyler's bday party we were talking about that and then I looked back at the pictures and saw where his hand was and about died! haha