Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trying Harder

I really believe that documenting what goes on in our lives in important. Not only do we learn things about ourselves we might not otherwise see, but I believe it is important for our families to remember. The blogging world has made that such a wonderful thing. NOW we also get to be inspired by complete strangers. I think it is wonderful! I think this is one of the reason I am addicted to looking at other people's blogs on line. I am constantly getting ideas for crafts, family activities, ways to be a better mother, and ways to full more complete as a Daughter of God. I have been slacking big time on my blogging in the last couple of months. One of the MANY reasons for this lack of posting has been the previous comment of me being addicted to OTHER peoples blogs. Others include things like Kayla getting older and needing more attention and mainly, I have been slacking on putting my pictures on my lap top and shrinking/editing them so I can post them. For some reason I have this thing about NEEDING to have pictures in my post. Part of the reason is because most of the time I HAVE pictures to go with all the post so why not use them. Do you ever feel like you take pictures and never use them?! I mean digital photography has been AMAZING and being able to print them at home with the touch of a button is WONDERFUL but I think in a way it has also been a bummer. I hardly EVER print pictures for myself. I look at them on the computer and post them for others to see and send them in emails, but I hardly ever print them out and put them in photo albums any more. This year I am going to try and accomplish more with my pictures. SOOOOOOOOOO since I am at home on a Sunday and can't go shopping or anything else due to another sick kid laying on the couch miserable, I figured I would do a quick recap on the many post I have had written in my head for the last month. Forgive me for the HUGE blog this is most likely going to be but it needed to be done.

In no particular order

Tyler FINALLY got a big boy bed! This was before the head board was put together but here he is. He was really excited to get a new bed. I don't know if he likes it as much. He doesn't seem to sleep as well so hopefully he will get used to it and start to sleep better.

My little girl is getting big. How big you might ask? Well, about 18 pounds and almost a year old! Oh my gosh I can't believe she is almost a year old. That is crazy to me. No more babies in this house. :( So sad....

Our Christmas

the tree

Tyler decorated the tree himself so everything is in one spot! haha So cute

This was an outfit Kayla got for Christmas. The skirt I had made her like 3 months ago and it was not wide enough so it looked funny. I doubled the width and now it is adorable! I made it out of a bandanna and some white material. Then the onesie I added an iron on skull applique. I love how cute it turned out. She wore it to church that Sunday peed all over it after about 20 minutes. NICE.

Here is another outfit she got for Christmas. It used to be a long sleeve shirt I got from walmart because it had the owls on it. I was skinnier when I bought it and it didn't fit any more. So I turned it into a dress for Kayla. I took in the sides and removed the sleeves. Then I made new sleeves out of the existing ones and resewed them on. The out of the extra fabric I made her a hair bow. I LOVE how it turned out and it was pretty darn easy too.

This was the toy Tyler got from Santa. It was Zurg from Toy Story. You can kind of tell in the picture how excited he was and how he was HUGGING it. He yelled, "Santa really did get me Zurg!" and then jumped up and down hugging it! It was the best and I am SO mad we didn't get it on tape because it was so cute.

Here is his basketball hoop. He has been wanting one forever because his friend Julia has one and every time we go to her house he has to play with it. He yelled, "Yeah a basketball Hoop. Just like Julia!" heehee

This was the kids on Christmas morning before we even got the presents opened. Its funny because you can see Kayla looking off to the side. Yeah, she spotted her toy and I never got her face in any of the pictures. In fact, I took about 6 or 7 pictures and the first three is her looking off to the side, then its her crawling over to her present. Haha Oh well.

Kayla opening grandma Shane's present. She loved it!!! Which is kind of funny because it is a cross stitched thing that say, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" and for some reason she thought it was the greatest!

This was us Christmas night looking at lights. It was REALLY cold and I am pretty darn sure this is why Kayla got sick. BOOOOOOO for cold weather making you sick. I also took some pictures of the court house here in town on the way home. I posted those on my photography blog if you are interested click Here

And here is my sicky-poo

Click on the close up of Kayla and you can see the dry snot all over her face, the goopy eye and my personal favorite THE SNOT BUBBLE coming out of her nose! haha

For those wondering when this blog will end it is almost over. Just a couple more random things to post before I remember something else and start another blog later. haha

Our trampoline has come to life again! We have jumped on it a couple of times lately which does remind me I DO have more pictures to shrink and post of a play date we had 3 weeks ago. That just gives me mroe to do at the computer today. :)

Here is Tyler "playing dead" I think he did a pretty good job! haha

This is Tyler's home made drum set. He made it himself. Mommy had no part in it and I thought it was pretty clever of him.

This was just the cutest thing ever. Daddy came home from work and Kayla crawled right over to him and Tyler ran over. So Cody got down on the ground and Tyler jumped on his back and Kayla stood up and was grabbing his face. So sweet.

Here is an ornament I made for my friend Sarah. When I gave it to her it was so cute because her daughter Julia was a little worried that he had been eaten! haha I saw this one line several places and thought it was cute. I was going to make myself one but of course never found the time. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Kayla playing with Tyler's fireman's hat

I am slacking! I didn't get the camera out until AFTER she had her first bit of pickle. It was hilarious too. Oh well.

Okay so my kid has been obsessed with Scooby Doo. OBSESSED! And for some reason he has decided he LOVES Velma. SO he wants to be like her. For like for days in a row a couple of weeks ago he asked to wear an orange shirt. He kept stealing my purse and my sunglasses because naturally she wears glasses. We found these glasses from one of our Chuck-e-cheese adventures in November. He called them his Velma glasses and wore them ALL day this day. in one of these pictures if you look closely at his mouth you might be able to make out what he is saying! In case you need help ( which I am assuming you do ) It was "Jenkees!" However that is spelled.....

Well thats it for now. Thanks to all those who stuck by me for this long in reading. Again I WILL have another long post later today. I need to edit some more pictures from Tyler's birthday and a play date we had. Hope everyone else has a nice Sunday.

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I can't believe . Kayla is almost one. This has been the fastest year ever! I like seeing your creations. You are inspirational.