Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here are a few things from the last week.

Yesterday Tyler was watching a Wiggles Christmas DVD from netflix. I wasn't paying any attention to it because I had a head ache and I had been eating/feeding Kayla lunch in the kitchen. I came back into the living room and sat down on the couch to check my email ( which i do like....50 times a day it seems like ). Tyler is always telling me things like, "Mom today you are Anthony the Blue Wiggle" and I just go along with it. SO he tells me, "Mom, Dad's the bad guy." Hmmmmm, Okay?!
"Daddy's not the bad guy Tyler." I say
"Yes he is." he replies through laughter.
"No he isn't. Why do you think Daddy is the bad guy?" I was curious because Daddy is usually a Wiggle as well.
"because Mom, he says 'Baahumbug!" hahahahahahahahaha Cody is grumpy during Christmas and so at LEAST 5 times a day he would say, "Baahumbug!" I'd just give him a look and he tried so hard not to do it around Tyler because Tyler was SO excited about Christmas. So I called Cody and told him Tyler said he was the bad guy because he says, "Baahumbug." We had a pretty good laugh about it over the phone. heehee

The other day Tyler wanted to make a sock puppet. I grabbed a sock ( which happened to be one my SIL Alison bought me so Alison don't worry, i didn't cut the sock at all cause trust me when I say I use these when it is really cold and I am having a lazy day at home! ) and we put eyes on it for him. He loved it.

After we made this we had some lunch and were watching Bolt ( really cute movie ) and if you have seen this movie you will know what I am talking about. There is a part where the cat tells Bolt, the dog, to beg for food. She calls it the "dog face". Tyler told me he was doing the dog face. Check it out

The real dog face

Tyler's dog face


So, Kayla needed a hair cut. Her bangs were so long that they were constantly in her eyes and driving her crazy but she won't keep bows or rubberbands in her hair. SO, I decided to cut some bangs. MAN WAS THAT HARD! She would follow the scissors with her eyes and head and either try and grab them or eat them...yeah she tries to eat everything. She still tries to suck the water off of my hands when I try and wash her face. The other day at McDonald's she ate more then Tyler...the little fatty. Any ways, I finally just came up behind her and cut. Poor girl has the shortest bangs ever!

Here is a project from like two weeks ago. I made a vinyl cheetah bib for Kayla. She HATES it! haha The vinyl must feel awful on her neck or something. So I think I might try and make another one and make the neck bigger. Also, I thought it would be easier for the bib to fit over the high chair but that was dumb because now she can't see her food so I have to constantly go over and push it forward for her. It's annoying. So next time I try and make one of these I will take my SIL Emily's advice and make it long enough to go UNDER the high chair! I wish you had made yours first Em so I could have copied it!

Here is another picture of Kayla from this last week. she has been really into this book of Tyler's lately and I just thought this was so cute

Tyler has been REALLY good the last 5 days or so.

That's it for now. I need to go shower. I am sure you can smell me from where ever you are!

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Kade and Emily said...

I love the dog face.
Good luck with the bib! The last one I made seems to be holding up well. I am pleased.