Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

Father's day is a day to celebrate the men in our lives who take care of us. The ones who provide for their families. We don't always have it easy with Cody traveling all the time but I know how much my husband loves us and wants us to be taking care of because he does it despite the fact it takes it's toll. We got daddy at a card at Walmart. I honestly wasn't even thinking, "Oh I need to get Cody a father's day card" but there I was standing in line and I looked to my right and there was a display of cards. I saw they had Simpson's ones whom my husband loves dearly. I pick one up and it was perfect, so I bought it. Check it out

I'm not a huge steak person but Cody loves it. I FINALLY started letting him buy it and cook it for the two of us for dinner a couple of months ago. Now that I started the South Beach diet we eat steak twice a week. Cody is having a good time with that! haha

Here is the picture we took before church which I must point out how awesome my kids look! Tyler's new outfit he has on ( which fit him absolutely perfect and looked awesome on him ) was only 7 dollars for ALL of it. It was originally 20 but Walmart had them on sale for 7. Sweet. Then Kayla has on a dress I happened upon at the thrift store for THREE BUCKS! It is in perfect condition. I was SO happy about it.

And this is a quick glance at how the rest of the day went

Both kids were all over him after nap time. Climbing on him, jumping on him and so forth...but I mean, what are dad's for right?!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3

Tyler and daddy had a special day today just the two of them.

While Kayla and mommy went to a bridal shower, Tyler and daddy went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D and they had a ball. I am so happy for them. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Girl and her Phone(s)

My little girl is such a GIRL sometimes. Lately her favorite thing ( other then her boyfriend Buzz ) is PHONES! She has like, 5 or 6 of them. Check out this picture I got of her using two at the same time.

She has been talkative girl too. She has been jibber jabbering ALL day lately. It's so funny. I need to try and get it on tape because it is so funny.

So Tyler had to draw a picture of his family at church. We were supposed to be doing something fun and so he drew a picture of us playing skee ball at Chuck-e-cheese. That was not the funny thing about this drawing though. Check it out yourself

One guess which one is ME?!

Yup, that one is me...I am just relieved her didn't draw nipples! haha

Oh and check out the pictures I have gotten lately of my kids sitting on the couch together.

Man they drive me crazy sometimes but they sure are cute!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kayla and Buzz; A Love Story

Once there was a girl named Kayla who fell in love with a strong and handsome boy named Buzz. She loved him so much. He would go any where she wanted him to and would do anything she made him do! :)

"Oh Buzz" Shed say. "No one holds me like you do!"

"Back off ladies, he is ALL MINE!" Kayla tells us

"Buzz, you give the best kisses. You are such a gentlemen!"

"Oh Buzz, that tickles!"

"You are my hero Buzz and I won't ever let you go..."

And they lived happily ever after. THE END

Family Night

Monday was family night. Mommy made spaghetti which was a nice change from the chicken and steak we have been eating because of the south beach diet. I FINALLY got to start adding back in carbs as long as they were whole grains. So we had wheat pasta noodles and wheat garlic bread and it was delicious! What is it about kids and eating spaghetti that is so darn cute?

Kayla reminds me SO much of her cousin Genna and I have pictures of Genna eating spaghetti with it all over her face so these make me smile extra big because of that! Then Tyler wanted in on the action. "Take my picture too mom!" SO I told him to say cheese and he had just shoved about 4 fruit snacks in his mouth at once. silly boy.

Then we played a game together but instead of using the pieces that came with the game, Tyler wanted us to all be Toy Story characters. ( Imagine that! ) So I was Jessie because she is the girl but her head had popped off! haha Looked very funny me using a game piece with a missing head.

Family night was fun! AND we managed to get along just fine WITHOUT eating ice cream. ( Tyler thinks going and getting ice cream IS family night! )

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daddy Love

My kids LOVE when daddy is home!

This is Kayla trying to poke Daddy's eyes out with her Apple Jacks and Tyler tickling him.

And this is them later that afternoon sitting on the couch together watching BOLT. They are such cutie pies!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Part Two of the Duck Park

Sorry this took so long but we have been busy here with sickness after sickness. I am feeling awful but the kids are starting to feel better.

While I am sitting here trying to rest I thought I would post a little so I didn't get TOOOOOO behind and stop posting about our Utah trip.

Starting with Noah. Ain't he handsome?

The last picture makes me laugh! He was saying, "Stop taking pictures" Noah almost ALWAYS has a little toy in his hand and I love that you can see his smiling face in the background.

Now Kayla and Noah.

Noah loves his cousins and he especially loves babies. I got a bunch of cute pictures of Kayla on the swings.

And my favorite....

Kayla trying to make out with the swing. Eyes closed and everything.

A couple more of Kayla ( Tyler didn't stand still long enough for pictures )

I love this picture of Kayla! She was holding up something for me to see.

and this was here a couple of seconds before pouting over something

She is such a good. Here mood changes VERY quick! Where are the pictures of Tyler you ask?! Well he moves entirely too fast for me these days

Here is a couple of him and grandma being silly with the water

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Not really sure how to break down the trip so that this post doesn't go on forever and get way boring. Maybe I will start with a day we did something fun and took lots of pictures. I am gonna start with the duck park. That is not the official name of the park, but we call it that because it has a pond with ducks and we always bring food to feed them so naturally we call it the duck park. We went a couple of times and it was so neat because there were baby ducks! They were so cute. It was kind of neat because their feathers looked like cheetah print. haha

Aren't they cute? And isn't this such a pretty pond?

Here is some of us by the water

i tried taking a picture of the kids by the water and got this

So I did what any good mom/photographer would do and I bribed them. Tyler and Noah BOTH wanted to take pictrues with my camera. Noah said he REALLY wanted to take pictures of the beach for grandma. My mom loves the beach. So Noah took this one

And this is the one Tyler took

Not bad huh? Noah and Tyler got skills! Then it was time for my awesome group picture.....yeah right. I got these

Better luck next time! Along the walk way to the pond has great lighting pretty much always so I got these great pictures walking to and from the pond

Now I am out of time to post all the play ground pictures. Kayla is awake and has been talking to herself in her crib for the last 15 minutes while I "hurried" and posted this. Hopefully tonight I can do round two of the duck park and post all the fun play ground ones. I know you'll be DYING to see them ;)