Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Girl and her Phone(s)

My little girl is such a GIRL sometimes. Lately her favorite thing ( other then her boyfriend Buzz ) is PHONES! She has like, 5 or 6 of them. Check out this picture I got of her using two at the same time.

She has been talkative girl too. She has been jibber jabbering ALL day lately. It's so funny. I need to try and get it on tape because it is so funny.

So Tyler had to draw a picture of his family at church. We were supposed to be doing something fun and so he drew a picture of us playing skee ball at Chuck-e-cheese. That was not the funny thing about this drawing though. Check it out yourself

One guess which one is ME?!

Yup, that one is me...I am just relieved her didn't draw nipples! haha

Oh and check out the pictures I have gotten lately of my kids sitting on the couch together.

Man they drive me crazy sometimes but they sure are cute!!!


Kristy Lou said...

Hahahahahaha love the boobs!! Oh and all the pictures are cute, but I really love the one where Kayla is reaching into the bowl. Really cute!!

Kade and Emily said...

ha ha! I love the picture. If that had been Maryn's picture, she would have drawn nipples. Then told me all about it.