Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Night

Monday was family night. Mommy made spaghetti which was a nice change from the chicken and steak we have been eating because of the south beach diet. I FINALLY got to start adding back in carbs as long as they were whole grains. So we had wheat pasta noodles and wheat garlic bread and it was delicious! What is it about kids and eating spaghetti that is so darn cute?

Kayla reminds me SO much of her cousin Genna and I have pictures of Genna eating spaghetti with it all over her face so these make me smile extra big because of that! Then Tyler wanted in on the action. "Take my picture too mom!" SO I told him to say cheese and he had just shoved about 4 fruit snacks in his mouth at once. silly boy.

Then we played a game together but instead of using the pieces that came with the game, Tyler wanted us to all be Toy Story characters. ( Imagine that! ) So I was Jessie because she is the girl but her head had popped off! haha Looked very funny me using a game piece with a missing head.

Family night was fun! AND we managed to get along just fine WITHOUT eating ice cream. ( Tyler thinks going and getting ice cream IS family night! )

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