Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Not really sure how to break down the trip so that this post doesn't go on forever and get way boring. Maybe I will start with a day we did something fun and took lots of pictures. I am gonna start with the duck park. That is not the official name of the park, but we call it that because it has a pond with ducks and we always bring food to feed them so naturally we call it the duck park. We went a couple of times and it was so neat because there were baby ducks! They were so cute. It was kind of neat because their feathers looked like cheetah print. haha

Aren't they cute? And isn't this such a pretty pond?

Here is some of us by the water

i tried taking a picture of the kids by the water and got this

So I did what any good mom/photographer would do and I bribed them. Tyler and Noah BOTH wanted to take pictrues with my camera. Noah said he REALLY wanted to take pictures of the beach for grandma. My mom loves the beach. So Noah took this one

And this is the one Tyler took

Not bad huh? Noah and Tyler got skills! Then it was time for my awesome group picture.....yeah right. I got these

Better luck next time! Along the walk way to the pond has great lighting pretty much always so I got these great pictures walking to and from the pond

Now I am out of time to post all the play ground pictures. Kayla is awake and has been talking to herself in her crib for the last 15 minutes while I "hurried" and posted this. Hopefully tonight I can do round two of the duck park and post all the fun play ground ones. I know you'll be DYING to see them ;)

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Kade and Emily said...

Don't you love bribery? Is it wrong? ;) I loved your pictures of the ducks. My sisters and I raised baby ducks when we were made me miss them.