Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

Father's day is a day to celebrate the men in our lives who take care of us. The ones who provide for their families. We don't always have it easy with Cody traveling all the time but I know how much my husband loves us and wants us to be taking care of because he does it despite the fact it takes it's toll. We got daddy at a card at Walmart. I honestly wasn't even thinking, "Oh I need to get Cody a father's day card" but there I was standing in line and I looked to my right and there was a display of cards. I saw they had Simpson's ones whom my husband loves dearly. I pick one up and it was perfect, so I bought it. Check it out

I'm not a huge steak person but Cody loves it. I FINALLY started letting him buy it and cook it for the two of us for dinner a couple of months ago. Now that I started the South Beach diet we eat steak twice a week. Cody is having a good time with that! haha

Here is the picture we took before church which I must point out how awesome my kids look! Tyler's new outfit he has on ( which fit him absolutely perfect and looked awesome on him ) was only 7 dollars for ALL of it. It was originally 20 but Walmart had them on sale for 7. Sweet. Then Kayla has on a dress I happened upon at the thrift store for THREE BUCKS! It is in perfect condition. I was SO happy about it.

And this is a quick glance at how the rest of the day went

Both kids were all over him after nap time. Climbing on him, jumping on him and so forth...but I mean, what are dad's for right?!

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Kristy Lou said...

I LOVE Kayla's dress. That is so stinkin' cute, and Ty Ty's outfit for $7 is a freakin' steal. Oh, and that card was perfect! Haha