Monday, June 7, 2010

Part Two of the Duck Park

Sorry this took so long but we have been busy here with sickness after sickness. I am feeling awful but the kids are starting to feel better.

While I am sitting here trying to rest I thought I would post a little so I didn't get TOOOOOO behind and stop posting about our Utah trip.

Starting with Noah. Ain't he handsome?

The last picture makes me laugh! He was saying, "Stop taking pictures" Noah almost ALWAYS has a little toy in his hand and I love that you can see his smiling face in the background.

Now Kayla and Noah.

Noah loves his cousins and he especially loves babies. I got a bunch of cute pictures of Kayla on the swings.

And my favorite....

Kayla trying to make out with the swing. Eyes closed and everything.

A couple more of Kayla ( Tyler didn't stand still long enough for pictures )

I love this picture of Kayla! She was holding up something for me to see.

and this was here a couple of seconds before pouting over something

She is such a good. Here mood changes VERY quick! Where are the pictures of Tyler you ask?! Well he moves entirely too fast for me these days

Here is a couple of him and grandma being silly with the water

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