Thursday, September 30, 2010

Conference Weekend

So what are YOU doing for conference weekend my Mormon peeps?  WE are driving to UTAH!  YEAH!  So excited.  Well....I am NOT excited to DRIVE there with two babies....BUT I AM excited to GET to Utah!  Seriously, I can't wait.  So I will not be needing these but thought I would pass it along to those who have kids who will be watching conference   Go and print out the conference packet she made for kids to fill out and color during conference.  It is really cute and I great way for kids to pay attention while coloring and having fun!

If you are in Utah, hopefully I will get to see you.  I may also be making a California trip for those in that area too.  Let me know if you want to see me and my rug rats.

Also so I don't forget to write this down on something other then face book, Tyler said something last week that about knocked the wind out of me.  He wanted me to put something away for him.  I had JUST sat down and it was NOT something that needed to be done right then and there.  I told him I would do it when I get up again.  He got mad and said, "Do it now mom."  I looked over at him sitting on the couch looking all innocent and then he added, "Do it no mom, I command you!"  He even pointed when he did it.  My mouth literately drop open!  He knew he was in big trouble and finally a couple of hours later I got him to tell me where he had heard that.  It was from a show I never thought would be a problem.  The Backyardigans.  It was the Tale of the Mighty Knights episode and the king "commands" someone to do something.  BOOOOOOOOOOO    Man my boy is a feisty one.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Qick Trip

Last weekend we made a quick trip to San Antonio for a graduation. One of Cody's cousins husband was
graduating from the Air Force boot camp so we went. Well,I use the term "We went" very loosely. Cody went to the graduation while me and the kids stayed at the hotel. heehee Which trust me, Cody probably got off as the easy one. I don't know what it is about my kids being in a hotel that makes them so unmanageable. The night before we got to the hotel at 9ish. It was probably 10:30 or so by the time we got the kids to bed. Cody and I had a hard time falling asleep. It was at LEAST midnight by the time I fell asleep and at 2 in the morning Kayla woke up SCREAMING! I think the pack-n-play is finally too small for her. I got her up and her and I went into the other bed ( our room had two beds and Tyler was sleeping on the pull out couch in the living room area. ) So her and I were in a bed by ourselves. She basically went right back to sleep ON MY ARM. Well she sleep solid for about an hour or so and then tossed a lot until about 4:30 when she decided she was gonna try and wake up even though she was exhausted. Mean while this whole time, I have been laying there trying to prevent her from falling off the bed and to keep my arms from falling asleep. Just before six she FINALLY started to settle back down and go to sleep when Cody's alarm went off. DOH! I struggled with her for 40 or so more minutes and about 7ish we both knocked out! Thank goodness. We sleep until 8:30 or so and then got up to find poor Tyler WIDE awake. I have no idea how long he had been awake for. So needless to say I didn't get much sleep. We got all dressed and Cody came and picked us up to take us to lunch around 12:30. We went to McDonald's and they didn't have any soda! WHAT?! They were serving ice tea and water bottles. BOOOOO I hate drinking water with food. When I am working out, I LOVE water but just not when I am eating. We played for a while and then we went to the River Walk where we found Tyler's happy place. That would be the Disney Store. Him and Kayla both were going nuts! This what Tyler picked out

WARNING: Toy Story 3 spoiler below
Tyler is in denial. He thinks Lotso is a good guy. He fell in love with Lotso before he saw the movie and when he came home from the movie he kept saying Lotso was a good guy. Daddy kept laughing and was telling me how he was actually the bad guy. We kept telling Tyler that it didn't matter how many times he said it, it wasn't going to make it true! haha So now he tells everyone that Lotso was a good guy at first, but then is a little bad at the end. haha He told Uncle Kurt ALL about Lotso and how he was a bad guy. Uncle Kurt was upset he ruined it for him so he ruined the 6th Sense for him....if you haven't seen the movie, skip to the next paragraph. BUt any ways, Uncle Kurt ruin the 6th Sense for Tyler and told him the Bruce Willis was a ghost. I don't think Tyler cared...haha I thought it was hysterical.

Any ways. He was IN LOVE with this little Lotso doll so Cody got it for him. Kayla ( thank goodness ) fell asleep in the stroller

I don't know why blogger turned the picture because it looks weird but any ways. She also got some new shoes and she is in LOVE with them. She keeps saying, "Wook, pridy new shoes"

After the Riverwalk we went to dinner with everyone and had a lot of fun. Then we went back to the hotel and hung out all evening and went to bed at a decent time. We sleep from 9:30 until 9 the next morning. My back was hurting me so bad the next day from laying down for that long. In fact, a little after 7 I didn't sleep much but stayed in bed because everyone else was still fast asleep.

On the way home, we stopped off in Round Rock and had lunch at Jimmy John's and then let the kids play on a play ground. Tyler actually made a friend with someone and shared his toys with him. For those who follow along with the McDonald's happy meal toys, Tyler had gotten two skate boards and he let this kid play with one while Tyler played with the other. It was SO nice to see as a parent. I took pictures, of course.

Here are some of Kayla with her pretty new shoes :)

 And here are some of Tyler being silly with mommy before he made friends with the other kid.

 I love the last one because it me it looks like Tyler is pointing the way to the GUN SHOW! 

And I forgot one from us at the hotel messing around.  I am SO proud of this picture because I was able to capture this moment ONLY because I learned how to get proper exposure with my pictures while NOT using my flash.  Look how good this picture turned out because the flash didn't go off

And that in a nut shell, was our trip.  Short but nice.  Even with the lack of sleep.  I wanted to write one more post but I promised Tyler the computer so maybe I will get one more in later on tonight. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pregnancy photography

SO my sister and her husband have been married for almost 7 years and have not been able to get pregnant. That got some great news recently when they found out they got picked by a birth mom to be parents. SO exciting for everyone and I can't imagine how exciting for her and her husband. Since meeting the birth mother they have become friends with her through the process and have decided to do some maternity pictures with each other. I get the pleasure og photographing them! YEAH! However, my sister and I are kind of stumped on ideas. So far we have ONE picture planned and that would be the typical hand forming the heart over the belly but it will be with one of my sisters hands, one of her husbands and obviously it will be over the bith mothers belly. I think it will be very sweet. Other then this idea we got a whole lot of nothing. Any one have any ideas? Just curious. I will be posting this on all three of my blogs so if you read more then one of them you obviously can ignores this on the other ones and only have to comment on one. But seriously ANY ideas would be nice, even if you think it might be dumb, you never know.

Thank you in advance! I get to take these pictures at the baby shower on the 16th in Northern Utah and I couldn 't be more excited! WOO HOO

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I titled all of these pictures "WEIRD"  meaning, "My kids are weirdos and sit in WEIRD positions ALL day long!"  I need to get a copy of some of the pictures my mom has of us sitting weird.  She has a really funny one of my sister Kim and brother Scott watching TV together I will have to try and get a copy of.  :)

here goes nothing...

He is looking at the TV upside down. When I went on the lower level in front of him to take a picture he moved so it is kind of hard to tell that this is weird but TRUST me, it was!

yeah, I got nothing for this one except to say why did he put his leg up on top of the chair? I guess he thought it was more comfortable that way

I don't know what is funnier about this picture? the fact that she is wearing a dress and spread eagle, that she is so cute in her pig tails, or that she has a piece of cheese in her hand just like her momma always does. It cracks me up that she always wants to be half in the kitchen and half in the living room. this chick certainly knows how to be in two places at once!

If her eyes weren't open you would swear she was dead. AGAIN, she has cheese in her hands, her shoes at still on and she already has her snuggy. Someone was a tired girl!


I know this does not LOOK weird in the picture but she actually has her head sunk down inside of the couch between two cushions so her butt was facing up in the air and she still had her bottle in her mouth! HAHA MAN, I love that crazy girl. Even when she does things like THIS

or this


This particular day we had company over and she decided she was gonna take every thing that mommy had worked so hard at putting away the day before, and DUMP IT ALL OUT! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of it! I could have cried when I saw Tyler's room. She had literately dumped all of the toys out of his toy bins. It took me at least an hour or two to clean it all back up. It is a good thing she likes to do this

and sit so quietly to do this

she has also been REALLY into shutting doors! Good thing we were smart and took the door knob off of Tyler's room and didn't put one with a lock on her room! I got to sneak this picture of her reading and brushing her teeth ( which is also a favorite thing to do that she request on an hourly basis by saying, "Bob teeth!" because it is a Sponge Bob tooth brush! )

And now we are off for the weekend. Boy am I glad I FINALLY got some stuff posted. Now if only someone could come and clean my house, do my dishes and sew for me while I am gone that would be GREAT! Also if you could prepare my lesson for Sunday that covers ISSIAH! That would be even more fantastic. :)

Quality Time

Look who started up dance class again

Which means Kayla gets a LITTLE quality time with momma now on Mondays. YEAH! We mostly go for walks in our little down town but so far it has been fun. Poor girl never gets mommy to herself.

Each time so far I have documented the occasion. I am not sure however where my first set of pictures went. I must of placed them in my "August" folder and have since moved onto "September" maybe someday I will get back to August so I can post them too!

Here is what our walk looks like

She takes off for the stop sign as soon as she is passed the door. Hoepfully it doesn't involve a stumble! she can NOT run without crashing. Her knees have the cuts to prove it!

Then the court house. Isn't our court house awesome?! I Love it! I have many pictures of it and I swear every Monday at walking time there is always big puffy clouds around it that just scream at me, "Take my picture!"

Then we reach the nail place where Kayla stops to give all of them high fives! "SLAP HANDS!"

This is where she sees the flower pots outside of a store and proceeds to say "Ohhhh Pretty" over and over again until mommy says, "No pick" because she tries to rip one off and then she just ignores me until I make her start walking again.

Oh my what do we have here? A feather! I won't post the picture of the dead bird hanging over it's bird nest a few feet away...don't want to scare any one. :) and then.....

....We head back! It is VERY exciting and we do this about 5 or 6 times depending on how crazy she is that day. Oh my how these walks make me happy though. Quality time with my girl.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zoo Continued

Okay so I promised mroe zoo pics and here they are!  The above picture is obviously not the best of either Tyler and I BUT I decided to post it any ways because I feel like you can totally tell my face is skinnier!  haha  Okay so I am being vain but's looking smaller.

So here is some boring animal shots first.  The kids got a kick of the monkey's.  They are so small and they just had a baby that was on the mommas back the whole time.  They were SO cute! 

Kayla kept making monkey noises for every animal. I guess she thinks they ALL make that noise. :) Then we had to take pictures with the cheetah! She had her hands up on the glass so we got to compare. It TOTALLY freaked Tyler out to put his hand on the glass for this picture

At this moment the cheetah was fast asleep.  My friend Sarah and I were talking and she said the word sausage and the cheetah's head sprung up like she was ready to pounce!  It was hilarious!  

"Did someone say steak?" haha

Then we went and watch the orangutans ( sp?) and it had it's leg ALL the way up over it's head on the glass and was just standing there staring at us while he peed BUCKETS full of pee for at least 2 minutes straight. The kids thought this was hilarious as well. Colin kept saying "PEE PEE" I'll spare you THOSE pictures.

Then I got some good pictures of Kayla running around

and Tyler put on a show for me on the stage.  The coolest light from the sun was streaming in through the clouds and it looked cool in the pictures. 

His dance teacher would be SO proud!  haha

And then they have this really slide where the otters are that is see through and goes through their water.  It made for cool pictures ( Until Kayla tried to go down head first on her stomach, got stuck and Tyler had to help push her down by getting he arm caught underneath her and giving her some plastic burns on her forehead!  haha )

After all of this we headed for McDonald's where we just did a drive through run and then off to the post office to send grandma some pictures and the wallet I had sewed her, and we went home EXHAUSTED! It is hard work walking around the zoo with two kids in the Texas heat! 

PS  You do NOT have to tell me how sad and pathetic Kayla's pig tails were.  I know and I tried to fix them and after 3 times I gave up.  She was so hot and kept rubbing her face and head so they would just go right back to being all messy again.  They are kind of cute messy just not when one is up high and the only down low.  heehee