Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zoo Continued

Okay so I promised mroe zoo pics and here they are!  The above picture is obviously not the best of either Tyler and I BUT I decided to post it any ways because I feel like you can totally tell my face is skinnier!  haha  Okay so I am being vain but's looking smaller.

So here is some boring animal shots first.  The kids got a kick of the monkey's.  They are so small and they just had a baby that was on the mommas back the whole time.  They were SO cute! 

Kayla kept making monkey noises for every animal. I guess she thinks they ALL make that noise. :) Then we had to take pictures with the cheetah! She had her hands up on the glass so we got to compare. It TOTALLY freaked Tyler out to put his hand on the glass for this picture

At this moment the cheetah was fast asleep.  My friend Sarah and I were talking and she said the word sausage and the cheetah's head sprung up like she was ready to pounce!  It was hilarious!  

"Did someone say steak?" haha

Then we went and watch the orangutans ( sp?) and it had it's leg ALL the way up over it's head on the glass and was just standing there staring at us while he peed BUCKETS full of pee for at least 2 minutes straight. The kids thought this was hilarious as well. Colin kept saying "PEE PEE" I'll spare you THOSE pictures.

Then I got some good pictures of Kayla running around

and Tyler put on a show for me on the stage.  The coolest light from the sun was streaming in through the clouds and it looked cool in the pictures. 

His dance teacher would be SO proud!  haha

And then they have this really slide where the otters are that is see through and goes through their water.  It made for cool pictures ( Until Kayla tried to go down head first on her stomach, got stuck and Tyler had to help push her down by getting he arm caught underneath her and giving her some plastic burns on her forehead!  haha )

After all of this we headed for McDonald's where we just did a drive through run and then off to the post office to send grandma some pictures and the wallet I had sewed her, and we went home EXHAUSTED! It is hard work walking around the zoo with two kids in the Texas heat! 

PS  You do NOT have to tell me how sad and pathetic Kayla's pig tails were.  I know and I tried to fix them and after 3 times I gave up.  She was so hot and kept rubbing her face and head so they would just go right back to being all messy again.  They are kind of cute messy just not when one is up high and the only down low.  heehee


*Lauren* said...

Cute pics! Yes, you're lokking skinny my dear--jealous again! :) My favorite hair length for Bradlie was when it was as long as Kayla's. Way cute. It HAS to be messy to be adorable, is what I told myself.

Kristy Lou said...

Those pictures where so funny and cute! Oh and that slide is freakin' sweet!!

Kade and Emily said...

That is the coolest picture of Tyler and the cheetah!