Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Kidding ME?

This is what I said to Tyler last night as I walked into the bathroom to get him out of the tub and saw that he had pooped a little in the bath tub! After having a particularly rough day with him due to a LOT Of whining on his part, it pouring rain out side the better part of the day and us needing to run around and get some errands done I was exhausted when we got home after 5. I was also not feeling well with a burning throat due to allergies.

He had had gas while playing and I said, "Do you need to go potty?" He assured me he didn't and it was just gas. He has NEVER pooped in the bath tub before. I told him if he did poop in the bath tub I was putting him straight to bed! I got Kayla out of the bath tun ( thank goodness! ) and was TRYING to put her diaper on as she continued to kicked me repeatedly ( she is having some private parts issues ) and I hear Tyler starts to yell "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM". I yell back, "In a minute Tyler!" I didn't think anything of it. He does this 50 times day if he thinks I am not fast enough. He continue to yells for me and finally as I am walking through the kitchen I yell something back about I'm coming be PATIENT! I walk in the bath room and he says, "I had an accident"

"Are you kidding me Tyler!" You could tell me was upset. I told him to get out and sit on the potty. Basically his tummy was upset and when he was yelling for me he had to GO RIGHT THEN! I have told him a thousand plus times not to get out of the bat tub by himself and to WAIT for mommy. Well, he waited alright so I really couldn't be mad or punish him for my slowness. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

I get him dressed and go into the living room to finish what I was doing. I had a photo shoot on Friday and the girl I did pictures for wanted me to put some up on my photography blog so she could see some. I was in the middle of doing this. Normally I don't do stuff like that in the middle of us taking a baths and what not but we had been without internet all day due to the rain and I had been trying to get the blog posted for almost 2 hours. I was about to hit "publish" and I notice that Kayla is gone and I could hear her making unfamiliar noises off in the distance. I thought to myself, "Oh no, I hope she isn't in side of the bath tub playing!" She LOVES the bath tub. She will crawl in that thing morning noon or night and just sit and play with her toys. She tries to get her alphabet letters to sticks even though they are not wet and has tons of fun knocking down all of mommy's shampoo and what not.

silly me finish doing what I am doing which took about TWO extra minutes ( oh by the way, Cody was doing homework while all of this was happening so he really couldn't be of any help! ) I get up and start to walk down the kitchen and into the hall way. Nope, she isn't in her room or Tyler's and that leaves the bathroom. I slowly turn my head in that direction and again exclaim, "Are you KIDDING me!" She had NOT found her way into the bat tub THANK GOODNESS since there was poop still in it but instead went straight for the toilet. Now you are probably picturing her with her arms in it or something but oh no! Not my girl. She is special so she figured out how to actually get INSIDE of the potty and was sitting in it! You should have seen her face when I caught her! I am sure she would say the same thing about mine if she could talk.

PRICELESS. If only my camera had been handy...

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PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

I can't believe you got caught without a camera! You make me feel like a neglectful parent. All 3 of my guys get in and out of the tub by themselves sometimes they even draw their own baths (well not the smallest one.) Granted my youngest climbs in uninvited sometimes. But then I leave him while I get dressed...and when he is finished he gets out and brings me a towel or comes dripping wet for a bear hug...