Thursday, September 16, 2010


I titled all of these pictures "WEIRD"  meaning, "My kids are weirdos and sit in WEIRD positions ALL day long!"  I need to get a copy of some of the pictures my mom has of us sitting weird.  She has a really funny one of my sister Kim and brother Scott watching TV together I will have to try and get a copy of.  :)

here goes nothing...

He is looking at the TV upside down. When I went on the lower level in front of him to take a picture he moved so it is kind of hard to tell that this is weird but TRUST me, it was!

yeah, I got nothing for this one except to say why did he put his leg up on top of the chair? I guess he thought it was more comfortable that way

I don't know what is funnier about this picture? the fact that she is wearing a dress and spread eagle, that she is so cute in her pig tails, or that she has a piece of cheese in her hand just like her momma always does. It cracks me up that she always wants to be half in the kitchen and half in the living room. this chick certainly knows how to be in two places at once!

If her eyes weren't open you would swear she was dead. AGAIN, she has cheese in her hands, her shoes at still on and she already has her snuggy. Someone was a tired girl!


I know this does not LOOK weird in the picture but she actually has her head sunk down inside of the couch between two cushions so her butt was facing up in the air and she still had her bottle in her mouth! HAHA MAN, I love that crazy girl. Even when she does things like THIS

or this


This particular day we had company over and she decided she was gonna take every thing that mommy had worked so hard at putting away the day before, and DUMP IT ALL OUT! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of it! I could have cried when I saw Tyler's room. She had literately dumped all of the toys out of his toy bins. It took me at least an hour or two to clean it all back up. It is a good thing she likes to do this

and sit so quietly to do this

she has also been REALLY into shutting doors! Good thing we were smart and took the door knob off of Tyler's room and didn't put one with a lock on her room! I got to sneak this picture of her reading and brushing her teeth ( which is also a favorite thing to do that she request on an hourly basis by saying, "Bob teeth!" because it is a Sponge Bob tooth brush! )

And now we are off for the weekend. Boy am I glad I FINALLY got some stuff posted. Now if only someone could come and clean my house, do my dishes and sew for me while I am gone that would be GREAT! Also if you could prepare my lesson for Sunday that covers ISSIAH! That would be even more fantastic. :)

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