Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quality Time

Look who started up dance class again

Which means Kayla gets a LITTLE quality time with momma now on Mondays. YEAH! We mostly go for walks in our little down town but so far it has been fun. Poor girl never gets mommy to herself.

Each time so far I have documented the occasion. I am not sure however where my first set of pictures went. I must of placed them in my "August" folder and have since moved onto "September" maybe someday I will get back to August so I can post them too!

Here is what our walk looks like

She takes off for the stop sign as soon as she is passed the door. Hoepfully it doesn't involve a stumble! she can NOT run without crashing. Her knees have the cuts to prove it!

Then the court house. Isn't our court house awesome?! I Love it! I have many pictures of it and I swear every Monday at walking time there is always big puffy clouds around it that just scream at me, "Take my picture!"

Then we reach the nail place where Kayla stops to give all of them high fives! "SLAP HANDS!"

This is where she sees the flower pots outside of a store and proceeds to say "Ohhhh Pretty" over and over again until mommy says, "No pick" because she tries to rip one off and then she just ignores me until I make her start walking again.

Oh my what do we have here? A feather! I won't post the picture of the dead bird hanging over it's bird nest a few feet away...don't want to scare any one. :) and then.....

....We head back! It is VERY exciting and we do this about 5 or 6 times depending on how crazy she is that day. Oh my how these walks make me happy though. Quality time with my girl.


Kristy Lou said...

It was very pretty that day! Her hair is getting so long, I acn't wait to see her in person!!

*Lauren* said...

Awwww! the outfit we got her!