Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think I may have figured out why blogger keeps turning my pictures....if what I think is right, I am SERIOUSLY ANNOYED by this.  Let's see if I am right

Hmmmmm  as I suspected, I think it is the size of my pictures that is screwing up the way it post them.  Both of the pictures that posted up and down like they were supposed to were shrunk to one size, and the one that is side ways of Tyler with the pumpkin, was shrunk but was bigger then the other two.  Must be screwing with the process.  How annoying because I like shrinking them the size it doesn't like because then they are better quality if I wanted to print them out.  I know this is all boring to you but I had to know....


Catching Up

Do you ever get so behind in blogging that it seems easier to just start from what's happening now? Yeah, me too! I will go back a little and just do a quick over view of what we have been up to here in good old Utah!

Let's go back to when we first got here.

My dad was in the senior Olympics! WOO WOO I never got to see him compete because the first day I was driving Cody to Vegas and the next day I got there with the kids right after he finished. But we stayed and watch a relay race. There was this old chick ( Duh, everyone was OLD! ) who was SCARY! my dad said that the rumor was that she got suspended for a couple of years for steroids. Check out how scary she is ( oh and I saw her run and those boobs did NOT move at all! haha )

Then we had my sisters baby shower in Northern Utah. It was fun! I got to see people I hadn't seen in forever.

This is my brother Scott, My best friend Amy, ME and then Amanda ( Amy's sister ) 

This is a Shane girls picture starting from left, Lauren, Kim, Kristy, Mom and ME

This is Ender modeling what I think is pretty much the cutest onesie ever!  
This is a picture of Jen, the birth mom and then Ender and Kim ( they are adopting for those who missed that and are wondering what the heck I am talking about.  )   It was really sweet because Jen's Mom, Grandparents and 3 of her cousins came to the baby shower and had a blast.  What a great support group she has!

 The day after the shower they ahd me take pictures of the three of them and this one was my favorite.  My sister printed it out in Black and White and they are framing it for the babies room!  :) 

Now what came next??? 

In no particular order we have...

A batman mask that everyone has enjoyed putting on!

Screwing around at walmart

A hat pattern my mom and I have been having SO much fun making for everyone! This is one I made for Kayla

Playing with grandma and grandpa

More fun at Walmart

Lots of sewing ( and "help" from Kayla )

Lots of gorgeous sunsets!

My sister and brother in law were good troopers and put on their wedding gear and let me take mock wedding pictures of them at the temple!  haha  It was fun and nice to have some wedding pictures for my portfolio

YOu know I was SO excited that it wasn't turning my pictures and for SOME reason it started turning them half way through my post....GRRRRRRRRRRR 

So for now I HOPE to get another blog up tomorrow.  We went to a farm and I took lots of pictures of that so I want to do a whole post about that and Halloween!