Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think I may have figured out why blogger keeps turning my pictures....if what I think is right, I am SERIOUSLY ANNOYED by this.  Let's see if I am right

Hmmmmm  as I suspected, I think it is the size of my pictures that is screwing up the way it post them.  Both of the pictures that posted up and down like they were supposed to were shrunk to one size, and the one that is side ways of Tyler with the pumpkin, was shrunk but was bigger then the other two.  Must be screwing with the process.  How annoying because I like shrinking them the size it doesn't like because then they are better quality if I wanted to print them out.  I know this is all boring to you but I had to know....



Steve Julian said...

I think there is a place by the pictures that you can size them. small medium large. On the compose page of your blog.

Roundy Clan said...

Thanks Steve for leaving a comment. It isn't actually the size I choose in blogger that is giving me problems, but it is how big the file itself is. Depending on the size off the file it turns my pictures sideways. It's so annoying. lol