Monday, February 8, 2010

Tyler's Blog Post

Tyler was REALLY into the questions I asked him. He REALLY wanted to do some more and pretty much just started talking to me about all the things he likes and what not. SOOOOOOO I am going to let him tell me what to write and I am just going to write it. This cold be really funny OR really boring. we'll see what happens. First these are the question he asked himself ) I added a few when he drew a blank

Where do you like to go for fun? The playground
What do you like to drink? Milk and juice
Where does mommy like to go? To walmart
Where do you like to go shopping? The yellow store ( dollar general )
Where do you like to eat with Sarah? Pizza ( said with a smile )
I like to learn to read
I like to play at home
And I like Ben Ten Alien ( so not true, he likes the commercial which means he wants to buy the stuff )
What is your favorite toy at home? Hungry hungry hippos ( hmmm, depends on the day )
What is your favorite thing to watch on Netflix? Wiggles You make Me Feel Like Dancing
What is your favorite song from Wiggles You Make Me Feel Like Dancing? The Shimmy Shake
Do you love your sister Kayla? I do and play with her toys and she can play with mine
I also like to watch Go Bananas
Where is Heaven? With Heavenly Father
What is your favorite Blues Clues episode? The one that says, “Sqeeeeeak!” With the play ( the sad thing is I know EXACTLY what episode he means )

I think that is it for today. He is distratcted now because Inspector Gadget the movie is on but he has never seen it before. I can see why everyone was so disappointed in this movie. It kind of sucks....

Tomorrow we get to pick up Cody! WOO HOO and I ALMOST have his Valentine's day present done which I will post on my other blog. It's technically not something for the "family" blog! haha Happy Monday Y'all

PS Tyler wasn't feeling well yesterday. He was running a fever and couldn't get warm. At about 5 in the evening when I was feeding Kayla her dinner and talking to Cody on the phone, Tyler fell asleep for like 15 minutes kind of hanging off the couch. Check out how pathetic he looked

Poor Kayla got left out of this blog post but don't worry. I have pictures shrunk and a blog half written in my head that is all about her I can hopefully get up later.

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Stacey said...

I love the picture. There's a golf club in the blanket. We all sleep with golf clubs, don't we?