Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tyler has been wearing big boy underwear to bed this week. It's a first. let me explain something about Tyler. He doesn't get out of bed for ANYTHING! NOTHING! Like, he could be awake for an hour in the morning and if I don't wake up and get him out of bed, he will just keep laying there. I know you are all jealous. In many ways its freaking awesome. In the potty training thing, it freaking sucks. I told him he needed to yell for me if he had to go potty and would come get him and take him to the bath room. The first night at 4 in the morning I heard him yelling. We made it to the potty just in time and I was so frekaing happy I could hardly go back to sleep. The next night we were not so lucky....or the next night or the next night or the get the idea. The first night it worked and it has not since. I have been SO tired from getting up and changing his clothes and bedding. BOOOOOOO One night he was asleep on his Woody doll and he was SOAKED in pee. YUCK! So I gave Woody a bath

He looks comfy huh? I just couldn't resist taking some pictures. So any suggestions about the night time training? Any thing would be appreciated.

Let's see, what else I got for today. Tyler got a book from his Aunt Kimmie that he loves. I took a picture of him using it. He is really into hats and different things right now. Right now its that blue pimp hat! haha

He has been SO into words, reading, spelling and rhyming. This book teaches kids how to draw the alphabet and then they can wipe it off and try it again. Good job Aunt Kimmie!

And my last random for the night THIS

I bought this thinking I probably wouldn't like it and would end up wasting the 2 dollars or whatever it was. I FREAKING LOVE IT! It is less them 300 calories and has 4 grams of fiber and its freaking yummy. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM It's my new favorite lunch ( especially since it's been cold this week! EEEEEEE )

Lastly, I tried to do a photo shoot with Kayla this week....She wouldn't cooperate!


Anonymous said...

The only thing that I can say about potty training at night is just put him in pull ups and get some sleep. I've *heard* that some boys wet the bed until age like 12 or something. I've also heard that if you feed him popcorn right before bed, and but off drinks at a certain time before bed, then that helps. Let me know how it goes.

Stacey said...

The Woody bath has had me laughing for about 8 solid minutes now.