Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snowy Day

We had a snow day on Tuesday. It was so much fun! Kayla was taking her nap while we played out side so she missed it but I don't think she would have liked it any ways! haha It was funny because Tyler kept dancing and making snow angels and Madison kept eating the snow, rubbing it on her face and crashing into the snow as hard as she can! Also it would have been the kids dance class but they had canceled it so we had them practice for a minute in the snow

Then we had the playing

A snow man ( He was a Texan so we gave him a cowboy hat )

Some kissing

And some up close pictures

And we finished it up with some hot cocoa

And for those interested, I left Aunt Stacie with the kids for an hour and went out and took a bunch of pictures of the snow here in town. I love how most of them turned out. rather then bore you with them here, I posted about 30 of them on my photography blog HERE Check them out if you are interested

For those feeling sorry Miss Kayla who missed all the fun, don't worry because when she got up from her nap mommy gave her chocolate pudding for the first time.

and she went CRAZY for it! haha

Yup, next time she is getting the sugar free!

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Kristy Lou said...

Nice Jacket!! ;) Those were really cute pictures of Madison and Ty, but I must say that I loved Kayla's crazy eyes picture too. LOL