Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogging Time

I decided to not work out tonight which means I have a moment to blog! YEAH We had a fun day yesterday hanging out in Austin with Johnny and Katrina. I didn't bring my camera ( don't faint, I know...) But Katrina brought hers and took pictures. I am going to see her next week and will get pictures and post them then. We went to a place called Austin Pizza N Fun. It was fun. Tyler had a blast. It was so HOT though and half of the stuff was out side, the FUN stuff was outside. The kids kept wanting to go on the Teacups in the HEAT. Glad neither of them threw up. Poor Katrina got HUGE blisters on her hands from trying to slow down the ride. They have all you can drink and eat at this place and there water was kind of gross so I think I drank my weight in Mountain Dew! Good thing I sweat probably twice as much as I drank! Any ways, if Cody hadn't of called to tell me he was admitted to the hospital it would have been a great day.

Now here are some pictures I took of my kids today.

I love how red Kayla's hair looks even though I was taking pictures inside the house. Here are some more pictures of Kayla I took before bed. I LOVE kids wearing all white. Makes them look so Angelic

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