Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Man! I am behind by 2 weeks on my 365 project again! i just don't understand how I get this behind all of the time. So I am planning on catching up right now. I have the pictures on my lap top already which helps make things go by quicker so HOPEFULLY I can get caught up. I have to start waaaaaaaay back at December 14th

Dec 14th Day 1

This is Tyler watching TV. I just thought it was funny how he was sitting on the floor with his legs propped up on his drum with his sandwich in one hand and his drink in the other.

Dec 15th Day 2

My sink was FULL of dishes. For those who don't know me well, I HATE DOING DISHES. So instead of keeping up with them, because let's face it that would be MUCH easier, I wait until there is a huge pile of them. This was after I did the dishes and I was so excited that my sink was empty. Please note that my sink wasn't clean, just empty. haha I scrubbed it after taking this picture.

Dec 16th Day 3

I was having a laundry day which is really hard to do when Tyler keeps stealing my basket!

Dec 17th Day 4

This was my preggo picture I was taking for the week. I set the camera on timer mode. This is the uncut version so you get to see all the crap all over my house! Lucky you.

Dec 18th day 5

This is my handsome guy playing with an umbrella. I was trying to get a cute picture but the flash was too bright for him and he kept doing his cheesy "CHEESE" smile! This was the best one I got.

Dec 19th Day 6

We went and picked up Cody from the air port and this was them snuggling right before bed time. I just have to note that yes he is wearing the same PJ's two nights in a row but the night before he had peed all over them and I washed them. Just wanted to clear that up because in the next picture he is wearing them again but it is first thing in the morning! haha Otherwise it would have looked like he wore the same thing 3 days in a row! Just wanted to clear that up...

Dec 20 day 7

This is Tyler and his cousin Ella. They got in late the night before and this was the next morning as we were all getting up and having breakfast. They were watching something on the DVD player together.

Alright so that is for that week...and just realized that I was 3 weeks behind again. Ugggg, how do I do that every time?! Oh right, I'm lazy. Any ways. I will get the next two weeks done later. Right now I am tired and going to enjoy watching a movie while Tyler naps! :D

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Kade and Emily said...

Tyler has such a fun personality...what a cute (and by cute, I mean manly handsome) boy.