Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Potty Training

I can't really call it potty training if he is doing it on his own but I just wanted to update everyone. Since this is supposed to be a "family" blog and lately have mainly talked about myself. Silly mommy! Tyler has been doing really well. On Saturday while Stacie was here helping me clean ( she did all the cleaning so I don't know why I said I helped haha ) Tyler peed on the potty for the first time. Well technically it's not his first time because about a year ago I tried potty training him and he went ONE TIME and then started holding it in. It has been so wonderful this time since he is the one who is into it and asking to go. Later on that day we tried to pop before nap time but we didn't have any success. Then next day was the same. We tried a couple of times but we didn't actually go. Monday we got home from taking Katrina to our favorite Mexican place and she said she had to go to the bathroom. Someone had just called me on the phone and I wasn't paying attention. Tyler followed Katrina to the bathroom and told her that he had to go. So she went ahead and went herself and then she asked him if he needed to go. He said he did and she asked if he needed help. He said, "No I can do it by myself!" haha I guess he did very well too. Katrina put his potty seat on the toilet and helped him get up and he actually peed! I get off the phone and she told me he was in the bathroom. I go in there thinking he had another sit-a-thon without any success and then I noticed some pee on the seat! I say, "Oh he really peed" and Katrina says, "Yeah I know!" haha I was very excited. So then about an hour later when it was nap time we tried for number 2 and after 20 minutes of sitting he did it! Today he did the same thing. Right before nap time is his time to go so I sat him on the potty and he did number one and two! It was awesome ( of course we added another 20 minutes to our bedtime routine but oh well ) So I am very happy about this. He doesn't go all the time but I am giving him another week or so of going when he wants and then I am going to buckle down and make him go like every 30 minutes or so. Everyone says when you have a baby the oldest can progress and start going in the pants again so I am kind of glad on the timing here. Since he isn't actually potty trained all the way I don't think we will have problems with him progressing. SO YEAH FOR TYLER! It makes me so proud. Who knew watching your kid poop on the potty could make a mother proud! :D

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Allison said...

YAY! Tyler! I hope it continues on this way for you guys.