Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting Stuff Done

I figured since I have no idea when the baby is coming, other then for sure by Thursday, I better get my butt in gear about my 365 project! I thought I was WAYYYYYYY behind again but I was actually doing good. I only had two weeks to do this time and one week was this week. So I am caught up as of today! WOO HOO! Actually I lied, I have not taken a picture today because I was planning on taking one of Tyler and daddy at the air port. :D Okay so here is week 29 and 30...again, I am pretty sure what week I am at any ways. I guess one of these days I should go back and count. I am just too lazy.

Jan 4 Day 1

Daddy and Tyler building what we thought would be their last block tower for a couple of days.

Jan 5 day 2

It iced and so daddy got to stay home an extra day! It was such a great treat and we had a great relaxing day just the three of us!

Jan 6 day 3

Tyler glued to the TV

Jan 7 day 4

This was at my doctor office waiting room. Tyler was tired. It was nap time but he was a good boy!

Jan 8 day 5

A pimp hat and a skull little guy is styling

Jan 9 day 6

At our Mexican restaurant El Tapatio. MMMMMMMMMMMM after this we went back to Aunt Stacie's and did some fire works

Jan 10 day 7

Me 36 weeks pregnant! This was after a day of shopping and the nasty bug in Stacie's food.

And now for the next week......

Jan 11 day 1

This is Tyler and Calvin at church. This is my sunbeam class! And it was their second week in Primary! I am kind of sad I didn't think to take a picture the week before of Tyler's FIRST day in Primary. Oh well.

Jan 12 Day 2

My little sicko! He had a temperature and had a long day with no naps! We had to go to the doctor and then we had to fill his prescription's and it was a long day but he was surprisingly very good. This was taken at about 8 in the evening when I noticed he had passed out. I love how you can see the drool all over the pillow! haha

Jan 13 day 3

This was the day he randomly decided to poop on the potty and it made mommy so proud! I took this picture before he even went because I just had a feeling he was going to do it! YEAH TYLER

Jan 14 day 4

We got a new car seat for Kayla and Tyler took over the box it came in! He was so excited when he got up from his nap and noticed it! He crawled inside with his DVD player and watched some DVD's

Jan 15 day 5

Reading a story on the couch

Jan 16 day 6

Okay so I actually forgot to take a picture this day! I was REALLY mad when I realized it half way through the next day. SOOOOO this picture is actually from the day before. I printed out these pictures and put them in a frame and hung them. I REALLy like the way it turned out!

Jan 17 day 7

This is my tummy! DUH! haha I thought this picture would turn out a little better then it did but my stomach is so freaking white that it kept glaring really bad. This was the best out of three.

I seriously have the next week done too but since there are two days left still I can't post it yet. I will be ready to post it as soon i take the pictures this time which is so refreshing! I hope not to get TOOOOOOO behind once the baby comes. Of course I will probably be taking a million pictures of her everyday and e-mailing them to people so maybe it won't be as bad as it seems. :D Okay we are off to go get daddy in about half an hour and we are so excited! Peace out

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