Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm retarded...

I am retarded. In my last post I said I was just starting my 38th week today! Yeah, I was way off. I am jumping the gun. I am only starting my 37th week which means I am measuring THREE weeks a head of schedule! DOH! i was really depressed when I found that out today BUT I am stillw ay excited I managed to lose a pound. I don't know how that is possible when I am still getting bigger but oh well. Also I was talking with my sister today and recycling and being "green" and I was telling her that I am so lame. I spent like 10 minutes looking at astringent at the store the other day and all of them had at least 2 parabens in them with a bunch of other things like fragrance that are not good for you. I finally saw the facial clothes and thought maybe that would be better but me having Tyler with me ( and this was right after we went to the doctor and he had a fever and what not ) I grabbed two different kinds and bought them. Last night I was using one and I thought to myself, "Hmmmm. Maybe I should read the back of these." Yeah, one of them had SOOOOOOOOOOO much crap in it and I was appalled at how dumb I was for buying them without checking first! There are 5 different types of parabens and this product had FOUR of them! Come yeah I am throwing them away. The second one I bought actually isn't too bad. I was pleasantly surprised with that one since the first one had SOOOO much stuff in it that was bad for you. If you are not someone who has read anything about parabens, go do some research because they are bad news. My sister just wrote a new green blog on her myspace page but somehow it got messed up and I am waiting to see if she can fix then and then I will post it for y'all to read. :D

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