Monday, January 12, 2009

365 week 28 ( I think )

Dec 28 day 1

This was a pumpkin cake I made and it was pretty yummy!

Dec 29 Day 2

Tyler was taking his bath this night and he stacked his letters up and then said, "Look momma! It's just like a stair case!" Awwww I love when he says things like that. It makes me so proud and who the heck says stair case?!?!?! haha

Dec 30 day 3

We had a lunch date and some play ground fun with Sarah, Julia and Colin!

Dec 31 Day 4

Playing with Katrina

Jan 1 2009 day 5

He was watching a Blues Clues episode before we went shopping and he was pretending that our arm chair was the "thinking chair"

Jan 2 day 6

Another lunch date and some play ground fun with our play date buddies

Jan 3 day 7

At the play ground again! We had kind of a lazy day and then after nap time we took Tyler to the play ground. I just thought the sun setting was really pretty!

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Kade and Emily said...

I can testify that the pumpkin cake was very yummy!