Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Quick

So I wanted to send my mom and sisters a video clip of Kayla since they haven't met her yet. I was really happy with the clip I took of her and wanted to post it here. I know it's not the most interesting but it's my blog! :D When we got new lap tops the software isn't compatible with my digital camera so I can't watch the video clips on it. What I do is upload them to photobucket and then do what I want from there. While I was uploading the clip I decided to look at all the other clips I had in my account and found the one I posted of Tyler. That is one of my favorites of Tyler. He's so small in it it was depressing but I wanted to post it just because we didn't have a family blog that long ago. Any goal for nap time today is to get my 365 project up to date. I think I already wrote down that I skipped a couple of days while in the hospital and when I got home but that's okay. It's been SO hard to remember every day after taking a short break. Some days at 10 or 11 I remember that I haven't taken one yet and run and get my camera or take one with my phone. Any ways. I need to get dressed so we can make our daily trip to walmart! Tyler needs a new toothbrush. He keeps getting the bristles in his mouth every time he brushes ( that's what happens when you mainly just chew on it in stead of actually brushing your teeth! )

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