Monday, June 2, 2008


So I suspected I was pregnant because I had some things happened that I am not going to write on a public blog ( but if you want to ask me, go ahead! ) haha I was still 4 or 5 days early so I thought I'll wait a day and then take a test. I had one that I had gotten from my friend just in case I decided to take it. This was last Tuesday's. Wednesday morning I woke up and decided to take. I hate standing around watching it work so I always set a timer and leave the room. I went into the kitchen and started doing something and waited for the beeping. It went off and so I walked into the bathroom looked at the test and literally said out loud, "Shut the freak up!" HAHA I seriously about passed out. It seems like every month something happens that make some think I am pregnant so I REALLY was NOT expecting it even though I had some signs. Because of where I was in my cycle when Cody left, he had to of "knocked me up" ( my mom hates when I call it that! ) the day he left! That's one reason I was NOT expecting it. I run into the living room where I knew Cody would be waiting for me on line and I said, "Um, I just took a pregnancy test." To which he said, "You're pregnant aren't you!" then i responded by saying, "I think I ACTUALLY am this time!" Then he said, "I knew it!" haha It was so surreal. We've been trying since last July so it has been a while. I was starting to think that I just needed to give up because it was obviously not the right time.

The thing was when I took the test the positive line was really light! That concerned me so I told Cody, "I'm gonna take another one tomorrow just to make sure the line gets darker. So let's not get our hopes up yet!" Then we of course started to talk about being pregnant and then laughed at ourselves for doing so. I told Cody that if the test tomorrow still said I was pregnant I was going to be so excited to get out my maternity clothes. I, of course, got them out later on that night and tried them all on! I was very sadden because more then half of them didn't fit any more because my boobs were too big! BOOOOO! But at the same time, that just means I get to buy some new ones which I am excited about.

So the next morning I took another test and it for sure got darker so we decided to go ahead and tell our family. I wanted to try and think of some unique way of telling them in stead of just calling and blurting it out. I thought ALL day long on how to do this. Cody was going be calling his parents at night so I wanted to be fair and do it at night too. Finally I decided on a plan of action. I gave Tyler a bath and he had just gotten some of those crayons for the bathtub. So I wrote 'Mommy's pregnant' on the wall and took pictures. Then I e-mailed then to my family. It didn't end there though. My parents don't have the internet so I had to call my sister and ask if she would bring her lap top over there so they could see. I had to try not to sound like anything was going on because I didn't want her to know either. She told me that she was going to be going over there later that night and that she could do that. Little did I know that there was a Laker game on and for who do not know, my MOTHER is a hard core Laker's fan. It was game 4 or game 5 and basically if they won this game they were in the finals. My sister calls me around 10 or so and says, "How come you never sent the pictures?" I told her I did but I sent them to mom's e-mail address. I didn't want my sister to see them before they did. She says, "Okay well we'll check mom's then." and hangs up with me. I am thinking in a matter of minutes I would get the call back from them but about 10 minutes goes by and nothing....FINALLY my phone rings and my mother says,"I'm gonna have another grand baby?" To which I reply, "What took you so freaking long to call me back?" Her reply to that was, "Well, the Lakers were on and I was waiting for a timeout so I could come look at your pictures!" Then proceeds to tell me about the score and how they are playing and blah, blah, blah....MOM!!!! I'M PREGNANT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Then she starts yelling at the TV. HAHA Cody beeped in on my other line so I just hung up with her and told her I'm call her AFTER the game so I could ACTUALLY talk to her. After the game was over I got to talk to her and it was nice. Haha My crazy mom. I guess Kristy brought up my e-mail and was scrolling through the pictures and all of the sudden gasped because she saw the pictures, but it took my mom like 5 or 10 more minutes to come look. So even though she knew something was up she waited for a time out! Cody says I should have started to cry and say something about the Laker game being more important then me being pregnant.

So thats how it all happened. The next day ( friday ) I called some friends and took another test. It still said I was pregnant so it's looking good. I'm upset right now though because I tried to make an appointment with my doctor since I am leaving in three weeks and they said they couldn't see me until I was 8 weeks along. I was like, BUT I AM LEAVING and won't be back until freaking DECEMBER!!! But apparently it didn't matter. I'm gonna call back tomorrow and make an appointment for December. Now I just have to find a doctor in Utah. This is gonna be such a pain but obviously worth it. Oh and another thing, I got a letter in the mail Saturday saying my OBGYN is moving! So I don't even have the same doctor as before. I told Cody, "At least this one is a girl because I don't need any more men seeing my parts!" haha Well, here are the pictures I sent my parents. Enjoy.


kailiaelf said...

You look so happy! But your mom is crazy. Sports over daughter being contest. Silly sports.

Loni's Argyle Socks said...

That is so funny! If it ever happens for us again, we'll have to think up some creative way to tell everyone too. Last time we were so excited, we just blurted it out to everyone.