Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Potty time!

I have two stories. The first one has been making me laugh ALL day long. Madison, Tyler's cousin was here Friday night. They have been trying to get her potty trained because she will go at her day care but not at home. SO after a dirty diaper, Stacie ( her mom ) ask if she wanted to try going on Aunt Katie's Big Girl potty! She said yes and was very excited about that. I have one of those kids seats that you put right on top of the toilet. She used that and was sitting on it for a while. Tyler was observing all of this. After Madison was done she jumped up and down and we all praised her. Today, Tyler comes running to me and says, "Oh, I go use the BIG GIRL POTTY!" HAHA I was laughing so hard and said, "You want to use the big BOY potty?" and he said yeah! This was good he wanted to use it. So we went and did so. Then an hour or so later Tyler comes running in the living room and says, "Mommy, I go use the big girl potty." haha He basically did this all day long and it made me laugh every time.

The second story I wanted to tell is a sweet one. Tyler and I were cuddling on the couch and I had brought up my sister myspace page because she had told me that she had put new pictures up. I was looking at some pictures she had on there of my nephew Noah holding our new niece Bradlie. Noah was sick when this happened and so he was wearing a mask. I wondered if Tyler would be able to tell who it was since he had the mask on. "Whose that?" I said to Tyler and he said, "Cousin Noah" I was pretty impressed. Then he said, "And a baby" I said, "That's baby Bradlie. That's your cousin." He said, "Baby Bradlie" Then I seized the opportunity to tell him Mommy was having a baby and that he was going to be a big brother. And Tyler's response was, "Yeah a baby sister!' Awwwwwww. In case you didn't know I really want a girl this time. I don't know if I can talk Cody into 3 kids and so this might be my only shot for a girl. If it's a boy that is perfectly fine too, but it would be awesome to have a girl. Another funny thing really quick is that we told Madison and so now Madison has been going around saying she has a baby in her tummy! haha Oh KIDS....

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Allison said...

What's with these Roundy guys and not wanting more than one kid? I think I have won the battle and we have agreed to 4 and Shad is in understanding that I might change my mind at any moment in the future.