Friday, June 13, 2008


We have spent a lot of time out side this week. My wonderful neighbor came and mowed my grass for me the other day and it has made it possible for us to hang out in our grass again. It hasn't been easy though. Those cute little birds I posted pictures of earlier this week are being very protective. Well, their parents are. They keep[ swooping down on us if we have been outside for longer then they like. But we have made the best of it. Here are some pictures we took.

Here is Tyler playing in the water

and here is a picture of the sky. I LOVE when the sun peaks through the clouds and makes the streams of light.

And here our poor hose sprung a leak! It was practically another sprinkler!

I have some other pictures and some video clips that I took with ym other camera but I haven't loaded them yet so maybe later. I have a million things to do today so we'll see.

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