Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week one

This was the first week of my photography project 365. I decided to post the weeks pictures. There will be weeks I probably won't post because they might be personal. Since I decided to go by themes the first week I choose favorite objects around the house. As I go through out my week, if something happens and I want to take a day to do something else, then I will. After all, it's my project and so I figured I can do whatever I wanted.

Day 1

My crock pot is a life saver! This week I got sick and for some reason I really craved chicken soup! I put a bunch of chicken in the crock pot at like 10 at night and cooked it all night long. I had shredded chicken ALL week. It was awesome.

Day 2

My owls! I love owls. Its kind of an inside joke with my best friend Myra! One day we were in a thrift store, something we did frequently, and she saw a little owl like this one. She turned to me and said, "We should start collecting owls because I bet the would be SO hard to find. No one likes owls." I thought she was kidding because there were a TON of them there on the shelf. So we put them all together, took pictures and it ended up being some 30 or 40 owls at this thrift store. It was a thing with us ever since. We both buy each other owl stuff whenever we see them. Has any one noticed that owls are actually quiet popular now? I'd like to think it was us...since this was back in 2000 when you really couldn't find them any where but thrift stores!

Day 3

My cutting board! I just bought it right after Cody left. Before I had one that was the size of my hand, no joke. It was so small I could barely cut an apple on it! So I FINALLY bought a big one and I love it. In this picture I was making a huge salad for lunch with buffalo chicken strips and broccoli and cauliflower. It was so good....MMMMMM. Now I want a salad!!

Day 4

I could NOT get through a day without this. I know you are probably thinking, what the heck is it? Well, come lunch time this is my best friend. Tyler is the pickiest eater EVER. I bought this at walmart and it has been a life saver. Its a sandwich cutter. It cuts them into the shape of dinosaurs and he can't get enough of them. I know it's about lunch time when I hear, "Oh peanut butter dinosaurs" haha

Day 5

Today I choose the ceiling fan. Why you ask? Well, today the power went out for like 3 seconds. When it came back on it had tripped the circuit out side to my air conditioning. I didn't notice until I got up to get Tyler from his room after his nap. By then it was 78 degrees in the house and was getting hotter by the minutes it seemed like. Since this was the day I REALLY wasn't feeling well, it made it twice as bad. I went out side and tried to fix it myself but I couldn't tell if it had worked or not. I was starving and so I grabbed Tyler and we went to Sonic. When we walked into the house it was 81 degrees. YIKES. I called Kurt and he came to the rescue. he's my surrogate Husband when Cody is gone. Any ways he came over and fixed it but I certainly had learned to appreciate ceiling fans.

Day 6

In case you can't tell which one this one is, it's mirrors. I actually have kind of a funny story for this. I don't know if you had ever gotten this forward or not but this is what it made me think of. There was a forward going around a while ago where this woman had gotten out of the shower and her kid had gotten into her pads and stuck them ALL over his body, including his privates. The woman was hysterical laughing and got out the camera to take pictures. It was so funny in fact that she
made copies and sent them to all of her friends and family as their Christmas card that year just knowing they would be a big hit. Well, they were but not for the reason she was hoping. She didn't notice her NAKED reflection in the mirror behind her kid taking the picture. YUP! I so did that this week. I had my towel around me so you could only see my bare legs but I am glad I noticed before posting it or something. So I choose mirrors for this day to remind of this day!

Day 7

Ahhhhh, the blender. Another one of my best friends, especially when I want to make tortilla soup or salsa! This particular day I wanted to make salsa for the breakfast burritos I made for breakfast. they were yummy.

My next week is supposed to be things that remind me of Cody! I can't wait to do this one because there are lots of things that remind me of my sweetheart! Hope you enjoyed reading this.