Saturday, June 21, 2008

365 Week 3

I can't believe I am already finishing week 3! It has been fun so far and I hope I keep enjoying this project. What am I saying? I am a picturing taking addict so of course I will continue to enjoy it! haha Let's start with the first day shall we. Oh yeah and this week I did things a little different. It was supposed to be things that make me think of Tyler. Since Grandma and Grandpa are here this week and we are getting to leave for a while,I did a combo of weekly events and things that remind me of Tyler. BUT even the weekly event picture are things that remind me of Tyler so it a win win for me!

We start the week off right! With peanut butter! Tyler does not go a day without eating it! As I am typing this he is requesting apples and peanut butter! haha Figures.

Monday we had a water gun fight with Papa, Nana, Stacie and Madison. After the fight we had ice cream. Tyler LOVES ice cream! So I picked this picture for day 2.

Day 3 we went visiting teaching and then to eat with Debbie at our favorite pizza place. This one is FOR SURE a two for deal because Tyler does stuff like this constantly. STACKS things, puts them in order....constantly. This picture was already posted this week but you get it again.

Day 4 we went to story time at the library and then had lunch with Sarah and Julia. Tyler has been OBSESSED with the Wiggles lately. Because the Wiggles all play instruments, Tyler has been into all of his instruments. He has a Backyardagains guitar that he has been turning the sound off on and then using to pretend to play music while watching the Wiggles. He has been taking it every where with him and it is not a small guitar. He even took it to story time. I would not have let him except you can turn the sound off and then I was okay with it. But we do not take it to church or to Walmart ( because they sell them there! ) Pretty much every where else, it gets to come along. heehee

Day 5 Papa and Nana left to go to San Antonio to visit Cody's brother Lee. As they were getting ready to leave, Tyler stole Grandma's shoes and was wearing them! haha I got a picture or two and so thats what todays picture was.

Day 6. The best 100 bucks we ever spent! Tyler's portable DVD player. HE LOVES IT! We got it at Target over a year ago and he carries it around and drops it constantly and is still going strong. The other day he dropped it on the concrete. The DVD popped out and rolled away and I thought for SURE he had really broken it this time. NOPE! It's still going on strong. We like this player because it has a strap on it and you can strap it to the back of the head rest so you don't have to hold it in the car. This picture really is two things in one though. If you look closely at the stuff on his little Elmo table you will see three tea cups stacked in a little triangle. This goes along with day 3! Man he cracks me up!

Tyler could not function without his blue blanky! he LOVES it! I could not do a week of pictures that remind me of Tyler and not do his blanket! So that was our week in a nut shell. This coming week since we will be traveling two of the days is going to be on road signs! It should be fun!

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kailiaelf said...

We have the same DVD player in the car....great minds think alike!