Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pool Fun

My brother Scott and his wife Lauren are here. They came yesterday and we had some fun eating pizza and swimming. We were trying to get a good picture of the three of them and today we are heading to In N Out for lunch and then we are going to try and take some new pictures. My dad and I have been feeling kind of crummy the last day or two. I had a head ache all day yesterday and it kept gradually getting worse as the day went on. When I went to bed every couple of hours I would wake up and my head would still be pounding. When I got up this morning it was no different. Grrrrrr. I hate head aches so much. I love the picture of Scott and Lauren kissing Bradlie! I think it turned out really cute! And I like the picture of the flowers with the sunset in the back...even though its kind of dark, I still like it.


kailiaelf said...

I love all of these pictures. Did you use shutterfly to do the color on Bradlie's suit?

Roundy Clan said...

I used a program called picasa. It's a free program you can download from google. Go look it up and down load it because I LOVE it!

Crystal said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture! Adorable! Well, all of them are cute honestly! hehe