Thursday, July 31, 2008

A couple of things...

I feel like I have been neglecting this and every time the internet isn't working is when I have time to do one or when I am thinking about something I want to write about. I need to start making a list because every time I DO get to sit down and the internet is working, I can't remember anything I want to write about. Here's a couple of cute Tyler things:

I have started to tell Tyler that he is going to be a big brother and that there is a baby growing inside mommy's tummy. He seemed to pick up on it right away and was saying, Tyty big brother and things like this. Then he started to say Baby growing in mommy's tummy, but then he did the oddest thing after he said that. He growled liked a lion! I guess he thought we were saying there was a baby growling inside my tummy. HAHA So now any time I say something about the baby he growls at me!

I really think my kid might have a photographic memory. I don't know this but the other day he was reciting back to me some nursery rimes and was doing a REALLY good job at them. At one point he couldn't think of the word that was coming next and he closed his eyes and then said it! Weird....but he doesn't just recite the rimes, but he does them in order from the book we read them in.

I told Tyler to go into Grandma and grandpa's room to say goodnight the other night. He went in and I heard him saying, "Goodnight grandpa" My mom was actually in the kitchen with me so it was just my dad in there. They started laughing about something and then we hear Tyler say, "You a crack head grandpa!" Yeah, so I guess we won't be saying THAT around him any more.

Like I said at the beginning, I feel like there is more but nothing comes to mind right now while I am actually writing. But while I was talking about nursery rimes I want to discuss one.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children she didn't know what to do
She gave them some broth without any bread
And then whipped them all soundly
And sent them to bed.

Seriously. What is wrong with this picture? Or should I say, what is MOST wrong with this picture? The fact that she doesn't want all her children, she gives them hardly anything to eat or the fact that she beats them for no reason and then makes them go to bed. There are so many nursery rimes like this too. I hate reading these ones and I like said already, Tyler knows them all by heart already. Grrrrrr.

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kailiaelf said...

Lol...a crackhead huh? That's funny. And the nursery rhyme too...there are so many like that.. it's just very interesing....