Thursday, July 24, 2008

365 week 7

WOW! into week 8 already on this and the week is almost over. That's crazy. Some days I scramble to get a picture and try to make it something that isn't the SAME thing but sometimes it happens. This week, week 7 that is, was one of those weeks a lot of days I took a picture of ANYTHING I could. Not too interesting but enjoy any ways.


Tyler went missing while we were all sitting around talking and eating. I found him in grandma's bathroom eating her blush and eye shadow brush! BOTH of them. Great, add it to the list of things we have had to replace since we have gotten here. It was funny actually because we ordered her a new one one from AVON and she loves it! So she was saying she was kind of glad he ate it after all. heehee


This particular day we had been in the house and were going stir crazy. Tyler wanted to get out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad and I was starving and wanted to get some dinner out. We had just gotten ready and were about to go outside when it started pouring. I get an umbrella from my mom and try and go to the car, the rain was coming in side ways and I get DRENCHED! So does Tyler. We come back into the garage and hail falls off of the umbrella. Poor Tyler didn't understand WHY we weren't going out any more. So here is a picture of the back yard. You couldn't even see across the way and you can see the hail in the picture. It wasn't BIG hail but there was lots of it!


I love this picture. We went to dinner and lots of fun. For those who don't know, this is my sister Kristy, Tyler and my nephew Noah. It was good times.


We were eating lunch with my mom and dad at Jimmy John's. It's a sandwich place and they have all sorts of signs every where. I saw this one right by our table and decided it needed to be my picture for that day. Both of my parents looked at it and said, "You should send that picture to Jim" heehee If you knew Jim, you would knwo why that was funny.


You should have seen my mom and I outside trying to take this picture. I do not have a tripod and I kept shaking too much to take the picture because the shutter was staying closed for about 10 seconds for each picture I took. We finally got a TV tray from inside which didn't help much because the tray was too low and I had to tilt the camera up, thus still shaking it. It helped a little though. This is one of the best ones I got of a full moon on a gorgeous night! There was a bunch of lightening on the other side of the sky that I also want to try and get while I am here but without a tripod it will be impossible....Hey Jim, you want to let me borrow that tripod sometime?


My sister took me to dinner because I baby sat for her and then we went Target. But while we were getting ready Tyler jumped into the drivers seat of Kristy's car and pretended to drive. heehee


This was absolutely the ONLY picture I took this day...lame, I know.

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kailiaelf said...

I like all the pictures. I think you are doing a great job on this project, even if you only get one picture a day sometimes. Kepp it up!