Saturday, July 5, 2008


Or Myrrrrrrra as Tyler like to call her. He made her name about 5 syllables. I wanted to post some pictures from when she came to visit. Myra likes taking pictures too. IN fact, I have ALWAYS loved taking pictures, BUT she is probably one of the reasons I got into photography itself because she took classes in college and high school. So while she was here we went to go eat and do some shopping. After that we got some cold stone too! MMMMMMMMMMM! So I had here take some pictures of me and Tyler. Its nice because I NEVER get pictures of Tyler and I together. So here are some of them

Here are some pictures of Myra and Tyler. Some of these were us Eating ice cream and shopping, and some were of them here at the house playing together. Tyler had lots of fun with Aunt Myra.

A funny story really quick. Myra has heard over and over again how smart Tyler is. so she was reading a Wiggle's book with him. The first page had a dog on it and she said "What's that?" Tyler said, "A dingo!" Because the Wiggles are Australian and thats what the book says. So the next page was Koala bears and she said, "What's this?" Tyler looks at her and just smiles. So then she asks again. Finally she says, "It's a Koala bear" and Tyler says, "Oh good job Myra!" haha You can tell I give my kid lots of positive reinforcement.

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Crystal said...

Wow, I didn't know Myra got a tattoo! Ouch! I want a little one, we'll see. haha. Those are great pictures of you guys!