Thursday, July 31, 2008

365 week 8

This week I was trying to do things with fun angles. I didn't manage to do that every day but for most of the week I stuck true to the plan. I am really excited because I have been wanting to get a photography book and I had Cody look up on line for me to see if there was a book ( not a manual ) specifically for my camera. he found one that was only a couple of dollars and is over 200 pages! WOO HOO So I am just waiting to get it in the mail so I can learn how to do cool things with my camera. Seriously, I am SO excited. But on to the first day

Day one

My mother at the computer. This particular night she was having me help her study for school. we did the same thing over and over again for about an hour. It was interesting to say the least but she past her test the next day so that's good.

Day Two

My TyTy boy watching TV. I was trying to get a cute shot of his feet with him blurry in the back ground. It wasn't working as well as I wanted and like I said earlier, CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE NEW BOOK!

Day Three

Tyler and I spent a lot fo the day out side before lunch playing with his little monkey pool. He was having loads of fun and managed to spray me GOOD with the hose while I was on the phone with Cody. Yeah, I wasn't very happy. But I took a bunch of random pictures in my mom's back yard of bird houses and things like this but this one of the tree with the mountains in the back ground ended up being my favorite.

Day Four

Tyler and grandma put this puzzle together. we were all sitting around the house bored and my mom found it and got it out. Tyler loved it! He has done it a couple more times since and I swear he is getting pretty darn good at it.

Day Five

Day five is a picture of Tyler's bare butt! haha Naturally I couldn't post it. I found a way to edit it without it looking to cheesy but then after I saved it I couldn't find it for some reason. So instead of doing it again I figured I'd just tell you. That's what it is and it's pretty darn cute.

Day Six

I actually already posted this picture but I really like it. I wish the flowers weren't washed out quite so much but I still like the way it turned out with the pink sky behind it. Lucky for you you got to see it twice!

Day Seven

Scott and Lauren were here with the baby and wanted to go out with my sister. So they left Bradlie with me and my mom. I got to hold for a while until Tyler woke up from his nap and wanted to sit with me. Then my mom took her for a while. The boys were being so loud that she wouldn't fall asleep. So I grabbed her and took her into the bedroom and got to rock her to sleep! It was so awesome. It's been so long and it was good practice. Heehee. After I had her asleep for about 10 minutes or so, we put her down on my parents bed and I took a bunch of pictures of her sleeping. I wanted to surprise Lauren and make a cute collage for her. I loved this one I got of her foot. I tried taking the picture so that it had her sleeping in the background but was blurry but it kept wanting to focus on her and make her foot blurry! AGAIN SO GLAD I'M GETTING THAT BOOK!

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kailiaelf said...

I think these are pretty good even without the book. You underestimate yourself!