Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend fun

This friday we drove up to Cedar City to visit Cody's parents. We had some drama with my car, long story short, I needed new tires and they didn't have the ones we wanted, but Cody's dad got it all taken care of. What a great father in law! He ran around for an hour or two on friday trying to fix things and then again then next day for 2 or 3 hours. Today is actually his birthday and I felt bad having him running around doing things for me the day before his birthday.

Any ways. Tyler threw lots of fits Friday too which was too bad. I tried to get him to take a nap but he was so excited to be at Papa and Nana's that it didn't go over very well. After "naps" we went to Walmart and he threw a big fit when we were leaving. We got to the car and I thought the fit was over. Then I tried to put him in the car in his car seat and he started screaming and kicking and stuff. After about two minutes of trying to hold him down I managed to get his car seat buckled and then into the drivers seat. I turned around to say something to Cody's mom and I noticed Tyler's eye was bright red. Yeah, I clawed him in the struggle. Look at how bad it looks

See how it's not even just one scratch, it's three or four. I got him GOOD! Cody's mom said, "Well, it's his fault for throwing a fit!" haha And I knew this but every time I would look at him I would see his eye and just feel awful.

Later on Friday night, Cody's dad and I took Tyler to a playground that was literately across the street from their house. Here is another picture.

See, the house? I didn't zoom in at all. yeah, I want a house THAT close to a cool play ground. PLUS, this playground is so close to the mountain that all the pictures I was taken of Tyler had this gorgeous background. There is a stream going through it and its just so pretty. Here are some of those pictures.

The next day we hung out with my sister in law and her kids. Tyler loved his cousins Ella. She was very nice to him. he copied everything she said and did and went every where she went. Thank goodness she didn't get tired of him. Here are some pictures of them playing together.

I'll post more later. I took tons.

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kailiaelf said...

I like all these pictures! And don't feel bad about accidentally hurting Tyler. Your mother-in-law is right... he shouldn't have fought you so hard.